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How do you know,if you have lice in your hair?

I know,that this is a odd,and an silly question,but,I need to know.

I've been working as a TA(teachers assistant),the last, 2weeks,at a school,working with rather small children.

Now,here is my question...

How do you know,if you have lice in your hair?

There has been cases,of children,with lice at school.

I have never had it before,that's why I am asking this question.

My head is ichy,but I cant see anything.

Or...is my head itchy now,because I know about the lice at school..

I'm stuck.

Can you please help me??

When you noticed other people look at your hair and take care their own hair.

Number 2
My brothers and sisters are contantly catching head lice (also known as nits) from various children at school.

You will find you will be scratching your head regardless, it seems to be a psychological thing...the best way to find out if you have them is to check your hair with a fine tooth comb specifically for this.

Just use a good anti lice shampoo available in market. this wont be harmful and wont have any negative effects.

You've got some good advice already so just to sum up:
1. An itchy scalp is the main symptom (but people tend to get paranoid and notice their scalp itching more than usual anyway)
2. You can't see the lice themselves only the eggs. They look white and are found about a cm up from the scalp and are adherent.

Don't worry too much as they're easy to get rid of and are not going to give you any long term problems. I think the medicated shampoo may be prescription only but the fine tooth hair comb for lice can be bought over the counter.

Current advice (Shropshire) is to use a very fine comb and loads of conditioner to get them out.

By the way - nits are the eggs, not another name for lice.

If you have long hair, don't let your head bend close enough to the pupils so that lice can transfer.

girlie [ā™„]
Its most likely in your head, that when you think of lice your head itches... When someone has lice, they have these itsy bitsy white or black dots in their hair. Its a mess to get thru, (I had lice when I was 7), but with a little bit of special lice shampoo, and a little but of combing, you'll be fine. BUT JUST REMEMBER!!! lice is spreadable, people can give it to you, or you to others, and make sure to clean all sheets, clothes and hair brushes, if you do have lice... Good luck, I hope you don't have lice...

The main symptom, if noticed by the individual, is an itchy scalp. This is sometimes especially so behind the ears. And i itch everytime someone brings it up!

You will have little bugs, like a tiny ant, and/or eggs, they are cleary white in colour and stick to your hair folicle, usually around the nape and ear area.

Get someone to check your hair and if you have them get some nit shampoo and do your hair, sheets, hats, towels, spray your lounge.

It's really hard to tell on your own. It may be embarrassing but ask the school nurse. I'm sure they're most likely to understand. My kids got it a few years back and it is a pain in the butt to get rid of! I have 5 kids but only 3 of them got it. Neither my husband or myself got it even though we slept with my daughter off and on because she was in the hospital from a bike accident. Apparently some people are more susceptible to getting lice than others. You can try to wash your hair on your own with Rid-X or whatever form of lice control you can find. You really won't ever be free unless you can get someone to get rid of ALL eggs (nits). And yes, you can be itchy just because you know about it. You can try looking in the mirror. If the white spots move, it's most likely dandruff or dry Skin. If the white spots are close to the scalp and are hard to move off the individual hair, it's probably lice.

Try the following remedies, one remedy at a time. Follow the application method as outlined above.
Shampoo and condition your hair. Then apply coconut milk.
Rub Vaseline on the scalp and apply on hair thoroughly. Vaseline will suffocate them, but note that it will be very difficult to wash off the Vaseline. It may need about 6 washes. You may rub some corn flour (or plain flour, maida) into the hair before washing the hair.
Rub mayonnaise on the scalp and apply. Note that it will be very difficult to wash off the Vaseline. It may need about 6 washes. You may rub some corn flour (or plain flour, maida) into the hair before washing the hair.
Mix regular shampoo with 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil and 1 teaspoon of Eucalyptus oil. Work this combination into the hair and leave on for half an hour with a tight-fitting shower cap.
Mix well Eucalyptus essential oil - 20 drops, Tea Tree Oil - 20 drops, aniseed essential oil - 10 drops, lemon oil - 10 drops in about 75 ml olive oil. (These oils are available from health food stores.) Apply it to hair thoroughly, leave it there for an hour.
Make a solution by mixing the following oils:
Citrus essential oil - 5 drops, Eucalyptus essential oil - 10 drops, Geranium essential oil - 10 drops, Lavender essential oil - 20 drops, Rosemary essential oil - 20 drops, Tea Tree Oil essential oil - 5 drops, and Vegetable oil- 100 ml. Apply on dry hair and cover for 2-3 hours.
Make a concoction of olive oil, tea tree shampoo, sweet almond oil, coconut oil and then some Tea Tree Oil. Apply on hair for one hour and rinse in water and hot air dry, then shampoo.
Rub a solution of baby oil (or any Mineral Oil) and vinegar in equal proportions on the scalp and apply on hair thoroughly. Cover the head with a shower cap for 1 hour, then wash with normal shampoo.
Mix 10-15 drops of Tea Tree Oil into a bottle of normal shampoo and shampoo your hair.
Rub shaving cream on the scalp and apply a thick foam coating on hair for half an hour. The chemicals in the cream will kill the lice and eggs.
Rub Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash. Listerine contains essential oils such as eucalyptol, thymol, Menthol and methyl salicylate and alcohol, which may kill lice.
Mix Neem leaves, Basil leaves and 8-10 cloves and grind to make a thick paste using beer.
denorex Extra strength shampoo (for dandruff) has been found to be effective in killing lice also.
Some of the off-the-counter lotions/ shampoos are listed below:
Hair CleanĀ® 1-2-3
lice B GoneĀ®
Not Nice To liceĀ®
Praneem Head lice Treatment
Repel Natural Shampoo with Neem Extract.

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