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 Any home remedies for someone sick with the flu?
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How do you get a pill that is stuck in your throat to digest?
My sister was taking her medication dry (without water) and now it is stuck in her throat. And it has been stuck in there for a while. She said she took it about 3 hours ago, and she already tried ater, but that doesn't help. She says that every 10 seconds, the pill would feel like it's expanding. Does anyone know what to do?

drink veggie oil only a capfull then call 911 if that does not work

warm water! or coca cola it will dissolve it!

hey get her to drink water - or visit this website to help you - Sore throat is usually due to a viral infection. In case she has got a sore throat due to this visit this website http://ailments.in/sorethroat.html

It might not really be stuck. Often when something passes down the throat and gets stuck a bit it leaves an imprint in the oesophagus.

Even so: get her to eat something soft like bread (with water), and the pill should be pushed down.

Try drinking a big gulp of water and as it passes in the throat.. JUMP and swallow

About all she can do is drink enough fluids to get it to dissolve enough to go on down.
But, it may not be stuck. It may have scratched in throat lining and that will make it feel like something is stuck in the throat.
Depending on the pill, water should work to dissolve it fairly quickly or she can try to eat something like bread to force it down the rest of the way.

Things do not typically get stuck in the esophagus. If she can still swallow food, nothing is stuck. That dry swallowing can give the feeling that the pill is stuck.

Its probably not even there your throat is just irritated from being stuck there, but you probably have an ulcer there. eat a piece of bread it will push anything there down. Never take medicine without water the coating will stick to your throat and eat through the skin. If it doesn't stop hurting tell her she needs to go to the doctors. If the ulcer gets bigger she will get sick.

Eat some bread or a cracker, or drink something warm... tea, hot chocolate, coffee... and next time tell her not to be so stupid

travis a
eat bread it helps when you r choking on a bone so maybe it will work for this

That doesn't sound right. I am sure she swallowed it by now, or she would be having serious issues. If she can swallow other things, then it is not stuck there. If it was a pill, it would have desolved and if it was a capsule it would have exploded. She probably irritated her throat. If it was a capsule and it exploded, she could have injured herself. She may be being dramatic, but if you don't think so, and you know her better than I do, then have her call her doctor. Especially if it was a capsule.

Ignore the answers above me that suggest the pill is there. You will not have anything stuck in your throat for 3 hours...or if you do, you will probably be typing this question in from the ER waiting room.
Good Luck.

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