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 Can anyone tell why some of the deadliest infectious diseases originate in africa?
ex: aids virus,ebola virus & several others ?
Additional Details
yes but most of these diseases seemed to have appeared only in the past 50 years or so.in the case of aids ,it is ...

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Perfect Lady
How do you bring down a high fever quickly?
my sister is really really sick with a fever of 104.1....and its getting worse. we gave her asprin, and penicillin, because we suspect she has a bacterial infection in her lungs, but what can we do to bring down the fever fast before it gets worse. im really worried about her :(

Nimmi J
For high temperature, a cloth dipped in egg whites or Onion juice may be placed on the feet to reduce the temperature. I found this information at http://ailments.in/fever.html

Thomas A
that fever needs to break soon, please get her to the ER asap, that temp is dangerous if it is still rising, minutes mean brain cells!!!!!

Steve in NC
Get her into a tub of luke warm water and let her soak in it immediately.

bowler girl
don't waste your time waiting for replys on here...you need to take her to the ER right now!

DO NOT GIVE ANTIBIOTICS without a docs say so. If the Aspirin is not helping the temp then take her to urgent care or the ER as she is sick and needs to see a doc ASAP.

DO NOT PUT HER IN A BATH OF COLD WATER. ITL MAKE HER MORE SICK. take a warm but not too hot bath and eat watermelon. seriously watermelon will really bring the temp down. but if she really that that hot, i wouldnt wait. i would take the advice of everybody else here and take her to the ER.

A tub of cold water, but you should consider getting her to the ER

cool rags in her armpits and forehead and neck.

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