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hi all

i'm 21 and i just have found out i got chickenpox today.....

yesterday i tried to pop some of the rashes on my face...recently a yellowish water comes out from ...

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How do i get rid of strept throat without getting a perscription or going to the doctor?
alright so im pretty sure i have strept because its going around and i have all the symptoms but i really dont want to go to the doctors...any suggestions on how to get rid of it asap?

You have to know for sure if you have it to treat it. There's no way around seeing a Dr. If left untreated, strep can cause serious problems. There is nothing on the over the counter market to treat it. Takes a Rx.

well...the best medicine i have for sore throats is zicam...look into it...it is the best medicine for anything.....

I would say go to the doctor. he'll give u antibiotics.

well my grandma would make a cup of hot tea and honey,and you would drink it and go to bed and it would help your sore throut, I would myself take cloroasecptic throut spray.Good luck.

Joanna Banana
just wait it out. thats what i did cause i had it too

gargle warm salt water 4-5x a day.

francis m
There's plenty you can do to help your child feel better. To prevent dehydration, make sure your child drinks plenty of cool liquids, such as water or Ginger ale, especially if he or she has had a fever. Avoid orange juice, Grapefruit Juice, lemonade, or other acidic beverages, which may irritate your child's throat. Warm liquids like soups, sweetened tea, or hot chocolate can be soothing

omg, you totally MUST drink apple cider and vinegar. i know it sounds nasty, but my boss is always telling people to do that at work, and i always see a lot of people come in and tell her that it worked soooo... yeah. and i work at a freakin clothing store. but yeah, hot apple cider and vinegar!!

Try gargling with the peroxide listerine in the white bottle. Doesnt burn, but kills bacteria real fast.

First of all, if you're not a Dr., do not diagnose yourself. Second, if you think you have an ILLNESS, please don't spread it around to innocent people. GO TO THE DOCTOR, be responsible, and you'll feel better. Oh, and it's STREP throat.

The problem with strep throat is not that it is a fever-inducing, terribly sore throat, that makes you feel awful; but rather that the infection can spread to your heart or kidneys and cause significant long term damage.

If you are running a fever greater than 100 F, you have swollen, tender lymph nodes under your jaw, and you see white spots (exudates) on the back of your throat, then go in and get an antibiotic to address the problem. If you don't have at least two of these symptoms then it is unlikely to be strep throat.

In that case: Gargle with warm salt water. Get your rest. Drink plenty of fluids. Use Ibuprofen or Tylenol for the discomfort.

Good luck.

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