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 My daughter has white blood cells in her urine, What does this mean???
My daughter has been vomiting since monday evening so today i took her to the doctors, the doctor took a urine sample and said there was a trace of white blood cells in her urine, the doctor sent it ...

 Winter vomiting bug (UK)?
How many of u have had it?
What were your symptoms?...

 My husband is in jail and he got the "staff" infection and it's getting worse on a daily basis, what do i do?
He was given some antibiotics for the staff infection but it got worse. I researched the infection on the net, and i read that if the infection is MRSA it will not be treated by common antibiotics ...

 Haven't eaten for 3 days due to sickness......?
been feeling really sick, vomiting, nausea, high temp. couldn't eat only drank a lot of fluids, but now worst is over, what is the best thing i could eat now without upsetting my stomach again?...

SO tHAt gUy tHAt iS HiV pOSitiVE.
iS it REAlly pOSSiblE tO bE bORN WitH it.?...

 Is anyone else annoyed.....................
Is anyone else annoyed at how the media has made MRSA seem like some new superbug when in fact its been around for years? I am tired of people panicing thinking this is some new bug that is going to ...

 My gf, has been feeling a lost of appetite for the past 5 days, what could be wrong?
has had fevers and chills for the first 3 days, and slight chest pains....

 I have hepatic b and my wife she don't have and she have don the injection doctor set is save bat i don't no

 How can I help break my daughter's fever?
My six year-old daughter has a fever caused by a virus. The pediatrician said it would have to break itself. Are there ways I can help break it? It has gone up to 101 and I have given her children&...

 What caused 20 million deaths in 1918 ?

 Bad flu????????
I've had the flu for three weeks now and it still isn't going away, is there anything I can do?
Additional Details
thank you for the responses, it's been so strange, ...

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 Should I go back to the doctor or wait it out?
I have an ear infection in both ears. I have been on antibiotics for 31/2 days now. The fluid in my inner ears seam to be getting worse. I can hardly hear a thing and I have to go back to work ...

 I have a 4yr old black male cat who is seriously ill he won't eat or drink?
He bacame ill last thursday late in the day he was fine in the morning before i went to work. he was his usual self playing and eating. My boyfriend came home on on his lunch break and found ...

 Symptoms of Mono??? I might have it?
I posted a question about this yesterday, but my symptoms have gotten worse. Last night I woke up and my stomach hurt so bad! It felt like someone was punching me in the stomach. My throat is so ...

 Help quick! treated uti worsens!
my boyfriend's little sister had a uti last week and went to the hospital to get it treated and they gave her antibiotics, but now apparently it's gotten worse and their parents refuse to ...

 Is it true that there is no cure for the common cold?

 Weird feeling in my throat. Making out with my bf?
When I woke up this morning, I had this tickley feeling in my throat that I usually feel before a cold develops. Though last time I had it, I turned out NOT to be cold. I still don't want to ...

 The definition of appendicitis???

 What kind of illness do i have and what should i do?
i have been throwing up all afternoon, until now. about ten times total. i have no fever, but i feel achey, no other symptoms. i think it is a stomach flu.
i am very thirsty from all that ...

How did the black plague spread from person to person?
thank you

the black plague started when ships carrying goods from another country had rats on them who were infected with the plague. the rats got it on the food and that could be one way it got spread. and plus people sharing food and touching each other could have been another way

Catherine Z
once you go black...
well, you know the rest

it is still around and very prevalent here in the western US. it is transmitted by rodents like chipmunks and their bites.

From fleas that spread the disease from rats to people, then from people to people.

This site should have all you need:


The black, or bubonic, plague has never spread from person to person - instead, the disease was carried by fleas, who would give the disease to rats by biting them. However, before they died, the rats would come into contact with humans, and the fleas and ticks would latch onto people and bite them, thus giving them the plague.

vermin/fecal matter and unsanitary conditions. my guess ids ingestion or inhalation of fecal matter from diseased vermin and humans.

Kathy P
the disease is carried by rats that carry fleas that in turn have a parrasite that causes the infection. the rhyme ring around the roreies, pcket full of possies, refers to ridding the air of the rott.ing flesh of the dying victims.. so, people didn't spread it ,it was by the vermin, plus it still exsists to this day.

♥lois c♥ ☺♥♥♥☺
people in those times did'nt bathe at all and most people had fleas ..the flea got it from a person and jumped from person to person or the flea give it to a rat and a flea from the rat gave it to a person...

Brian Griffin
Rats carried it first, and it was awfully contagious .. also keep in mind, showers were rare back then, no hot water, barely any clean water..

Nostradamus is a genius.. even if he didnt make any prophecies, he'd be known as one of the best healers of the 16th century .. he didnt come up with a heal for the plague but he had people gather some kind of rosebud or flower and mixed it with stuff, gave it to people, told them to cleanse themselves, and the survival ratio was very good.

Fleas from infected rats and mice spread the disease and also it was an airborne infection so anyone sneezing could infect another.

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