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How can I fight the flu without medication?
A few days ago my throat started hurting, and now I've got the whole flu package: sinus headache, sniffling, sore throat, and overall just feeling bad. The problem is that I can't take any medication! All of the meds I have conflict with my other medication.

Drink plenty of fluids like juice and water, eat light foods like soup, get plenty of rest, if you have a fever try keeping a wet wash towel on your forehead now and then, take vitamins, and it sounds odd but eating pure Garlic cloves can help as well (for me anyway). Herbal tea is also a good thing to drink.

Vitamin C

lemon will be useful

tabascoo sauce!

in that case, stick to natural remedies. trust me, they work better then most people think. a good method of fighting any virus is to rest, Hydrate, but also use a method they call "sweating it out" - you dont have to exercise, because you'll find you wont have enough energy, but try making yourself sweat, (e.g wearing extra layers when you sleep) - this natural remedy has been advised as it helps the body get rid of toxins. but make sure you take on plenty of fluid to keep hydrated.

Marissa C
drink some herbal tea or something

and to make you feel better..if its the flu..there isnt any medication for a virus anyways..so nothing would help anyways

try a neti pot and gargle with warm salt water for the sinus/throat thing. As far as feeling better you need to be drinking lots and lots of clear fluids (mostly water) , taking a multi-Vitamin everyday and getting plenty of sleep. I would also try the vicks shower soother tablets they help with congestion and my mom gets this aromatherapy stuff you drop on a cotton ball and sniff and it helps with congestion (she can't take decongestants because of a heart problem). I don't know what it is called but the people at the health store would know.

The neti pot though will be a world of difference for you I think, I love using mine.

Oh yeah, and don't drink milk and limit your other dairy intake, this makes you congested. Yogurt is ok and the good bacteria in it is good for you!

echinachia (not sure on the spelling there) lots of vitamin C and rest!!!

Kellina S
It might not help, but Eat onions, not on an everyday basis, but just eat onions. It helps fight the flu and cold. I ate it ever since (not everyday) and I haven't got sick..yet.

Just rest and drink plenty of liquids. There's nothing really helps with the flu anyway, you just have to wait for it to go on its own.

♥'s beating
Drink plenty of fluids, take vitamins, drink OJ, and rest!!!

Often the best medicine for the flu is really not any medicine at all. Often the flu medication that is availible (such as Tamiflu) can conflict with other meds which is what you are experiencing, and are often only good for certain strains of the virus. A flu shot is usually the vrius from the season before, which can offer some immunity. Vitamin C and Zinc, when taken at the begining signs of the flu can lessen the severity and the length that you may experince the illness. Other than that using over the counter products to treat you symptoms will help. Also Echinacea and Vitamin C can be used weekly on and off to help stimulate your immune system if you are around someone with the flu. Also at this time of the year if where you live is getting warm, it may be possible that you may have allergies. What you discribe could be the onset of a cold or allergies. You may try some Claritin (loratidine) which is an antihistamine that is non-drowsy. You could also try Benadryl (another antihistamine), which this can make you tired, but it can clear up sinus drainage. Also if you have sinus pressure, try a OTC Decongestant such as Sudafed or Sudafed PE (or their generics), and use a pain Reliever. A pain releiver can also help with the pain of a sore throat. A very good preventative treatment to help clear your sinuses and prevent colds is a sinus rinse kit. Such a NeilMed which you can find in the pharmacy area or at the pharmacy counter. If you can not take oral medications because they interact with your prescription medications, the best thing is to try using Decongestant nasal sprays since these are not absorbed into your body. But only use these for 3 days or you will get rebound congestion. I hope this helps.

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