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Hand swollen after scratch from cat.?
Cat scratched me really bad on back of hand where veins are. Swelled up badly, still painful although think its because its on the vein. Do I need a Tetanus. Cant remember last time having Tetanus, if at all.

Maybe you're just allergic to your cat's bite. But I would suggest a doctor visit if it doesn't clear up in a couple of days. And I would probably get a Tetanus shot as well, just to be on the safe side.

I don't mean to be alarmist but I read an article today about a man who died from a badly infected bite from his pet rat. Something like that is quite rare, obviously, but I would get it checked out if I were you. Infected wounds aren't pleasant.

see doc asap, in paper yesterday was article about a guy recently who died after being scratched by pet rat and didnt do anything about it till too late. dont panic its very rare but best to get it checked to be sure.when did it happen? i think tetanus usually appears within 24 hours of cut, but u still need to get it checked.

jen r
You need to go to the Dr/ER you will need an antibiotic & they will give you something for the swelling & clean it for you

im a goonie
peroxide, regular peroxide......... pour it on the scratch, rinse, repeat...
so this several times during the day, do not cover the wound, give it open air..
and more peroxide...
and you can also rinse it with regular rubbing alcohol, after the peroxide.......

Miss Understood
try using a lot of peroxide (if you didn't already). If it doesn't get better,you may have to see a doctor.

You don't need a tetanus shot, but you might need antibiotics. Have you ever heard of cat scratch fever? Cat scratches and bites can sometimes be very bad. Monitor it, and if it gets worse, go to the doctor and get antibiotics.

You don't say how long ago you got scratched, but there is a time limit on how long after an event that you can get a tetanus shot (unless you are getting one to get caught up on your vaccinations, which is a good idea anyway.) Many docs will not give the shot for the injury more than twenty four hours after.
General practise Md's usually say a tetanus shot is good for five years.
Could be a simple reaction to the injury which will go away soon by itself, or an infection. For that, I usually soak my hand three times a day in hot water with Boric Acid or mild dish soap, and that takes care of it. If it is really swollen, leaking fluid, or the veins in your hand and arm are red and swollen, see your MD immediately.
Cat scatch fever is carried by siamese cats, and makes you sick all over. Tetnus makes your muscles stiffen up and lock, and is rare in this country anymore. It comes after a deep puncture wound.

Dr Frank
If you are under 50 years you should already have had at least 5 Tetanus boosters. If this is the case, then further immunisation is probably unnecessary, however the wound may be infected and you might therefore need antibiotics. Get it looked at!

Cat scratches dont normally swell up. Sounds like your cat accidentally gave you an infection. Go see your doctor before it turns into something serious like blood poisoning.

Might be an idea, you can get nasty infections from cat scratches.

taylor p
put some Bacitracin or Neosporin on it. You should be fine but if it develops a red ring around the swelling and the site becomes hot and very painful, then that is def. and infection, so go to the doc. I don't exactly know what your definition of swelled up badly is so it is hard to say....if there is a softball on top of your hand, go to the er. good luck.

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