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ashley a
Fever for 3 days and bad cough?? help!?
this weeking i started feeling prettty crummy. Really tired, chills runny nose. That lasted about three days Sunday night my stuffy nose went away so i figured it was a cold but my temp went up to 102. It's been averaging about 103 for the past three days and now i have a prettty bad cough which hurts my chest pretty bad. Its deep and croupy like it's productive but but just clear/light yellowish. The cough is making my throat pretty soar and scratchy and im generally feeling worse than before. I still have the chills and have been in bed for two todays. Today my fever was 102.6, but my cough seems to be gradually worsening. It's very frequent and lasts long periods of time.
Does anyone know whats going on with me or can tell me what i have. im 18 and away at school so i can't really go see my doctor soon.
Additional Details
I took some fever reducers and some cough medicin for a couple of days but they only seem to work for a couple of hours.

Get to a doc you may have Meningitis get there

helene c
I bet your school has an on campus health facility.
Your tuition has already included service fees. So..
Get on over there tonight. Get some Tylenol for the fever and something for the cough so you can sleep. If you are off campus and have outside insurance..you can go to any urgent facility for service. If you are Kaiser then you need to be more than 60 miles from a kaiser facility to get service fees reimbursed and you call for pre approval. Get some Tylenol if all else fails...
Robitussin cough and expectorant ...yuk...feel better.

Unfortunately, that fever means you need some antibiotics, better see the doctor as soon as possible.

Go to a doctor, or a nurse, this could result in something serious!

Well, it could be the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, a really bad cold. There's really know way of knowing what it is until you go to get checked out. If you have to, go to the ER. You've had a pretty high temp for a couple of days. Have you been trying to take anything for that? Remember, that's your body's way of trying to fight something off. Tylenol, Motrin, hot tea, sleep, lots and lots of fluids. Fluids will keep you hydrated and also help Loosen those secretions up in your lungs so you can cough them out. But, you need to go to a clinic, doc, or ER. You could have a really bad upper respiratory infection and may need some meds to help get rid of it.

you should find the time to see the Dr=sounds like what you have is the onset on pneumonia

the crusader
It may be walking pneumonia by this point in time. That fever is high enough for you to see a doctor. Your school should have a doctor on campus that you can see. If not, look in the phone book for your area and get yourself to a walk-in clinic ASAP! This is not a joke. I know you're young, but people of any age can die from pneumonia if it's left untreated.

You have, of course, most likely a virus..a URI, or upper respiratory infection. No fun, it's rotten to feel like that. Do you have any medical history? Asthma, any other respiratory? Smoke? You didn't mention any nausea/vomiting, diarrhea or body aches, but those symptoms as well would hardly be suprising. You may possibly have a pneumonia. It would be wise to be checked by any local ER or clinic, and more urgently suggested if you are short of breath, continuing pain with breathing, productive greenish sputum or fever continues. Dont' worry...it sounds like you are "just plain old sick"....and I know you"ll get better. Drink lots of fluids, take a hot steamy shower. It helps to cough some of that junk up...a good thing.

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