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 I have been exposed to a person with tuberculosis meningitis,how will i avoid contacting the disease?

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Dont tell me "Oh uhhh yeah if u have a cut and he has a cut then yeah."

Just friken answer the question

Should someone be worried about HIV when making out?


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The Horse Under the Bridge
Does the meningococcal meningitis shot hurt?
I have to get it next week. I'm OK with shots, I used to get allergy shots weekly, but is this as bad as a tetanus shot? Does it hurt when they give it to you, or after, or what?

no its painless,but people reaction to pain u know is different,.,,

Not really, It is just like any other shots

Faintly Fascist
No...Why doy uo have to get it? I have never had too...
I bet it depends on your paint tolerance...I think you have a high pain tolerance, soo it shoudl be fine...and I don't mind shots anyway, I think they are pretty cool.

No, it's just like getting any other shot. Plus it is better than the alternative.

MonTana Tiggs (Smokey)
The shot is nothing compared ti the MISERY you will feel if you get meningitis

I had it , my sister had it- and it is just awful!

Hon, plz just get the shot... and if it hurts take some Tylenol and put some warm compress on your arm/ or ice.

I wish they had this years ago..My sis had a worse case then I , but she got it from me.. she has so many spinal taps....

Good luck dear- get the shot!

My 16 yr old son just received one of these shots and he said that his arm hurt for 2 or 3 days - not pain pain - just sore abit. He just said it wasn't to bad - but you should get it especially if you are in school because you just never know now days what people can get from anywhere. Wouldm't you rather be safe then sorry?

I have administered thousands of these shots, and received a few of them, and they are really no more painful than any other shot. You may have some mild muscle aches at the injection site, but nothing severe. It is a good choice you are making to get the shot, not many teens are getting the shot, and it is highly recommended. I hope this helps.

Star and Moon
nope it does not hurt when they give it to you, i had it taken. the place where they give you the shot may be a little sore but thats all. It actually less sore than the gardasil hpv shot i got.

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