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Ray C.
Does the FLU shot hurt? If so how bad & for how long?
also do you get sick from taking the flu shot?

oh man you are in for it your arm will swell up like a blimp and be sore for a week maybe even forever

not really

it depends but it did not heart when i got it put on

Odessa R
feels like any other shot you get ....I got the flu from getting a flu shot and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks ...so I wont ever get it again haven't had the flu since then ...10 years ago !!!yes you can get sick from it plenty of people have !!!!!!!!!!!!

pretty woman
No it does not hurt that much they just take the needle stick it in there for half of a half of a second and they take it out but after it hurts because they tell you to rotate your arm. I say don't take the flu shot because it doesn't even work. My sister and i took the flu shot and she got a fever the day after. Then I got a way worse fever when hers was over, my fever was at 105 degrees.

My doctor told me that this year's flu shot is only good for last year's flu viruses. We're still vulnerable to new flu viruses. That's why you can still get the flu even if you've had your flu shot this year. That's what has happened to me in previous years.

Your left arm may hurt for a day or two and yes you can get flu symptoms - aches, pains, headache, fever, chills so I often wonder if it is better to get the shot or get the flu.

No it does not hurt. They say if it's your first one, you may get sick, that's why it's important to get one everyone year.


nope it doesnt hurt well i dont think....and u can get a bit sick just make sure to take Tylenol or something b4 getting the shot so u wont get sick

No pain at all. No side effects either.

Doesn't really hurt to get, but your arm can be sore for a day after. Depends on the person.

You cannot get sick from it. It also may not prevent you from getting the flu, but it usually makes the flu less severe.

white owl
Most of the time it doesn't hurt at all or so little I hardly gave it any thought. Some times my arm aches a little the next day. The worst I've ever had was a few cold symtoms which disappeared within a day or so. Try to think about something else and you probably won't feel it. It is over so fast. Usually they don't care if you talk so tell about something funny that happened to you.

depends on the person who gets the shot. my arm gets sore for about a week after i get the shot (Tylenol relieves pain though), but my sister gets absolutely no soreness. also, you cannot get sick from the flu shot. you may have a reaction to it, but you cannot get the flu from a flu shot.

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