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 Is it dangerous ?
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Can partners who are hiv+ have kids,without them being infected & how??

What if 1 partner is hiv+,& the other is not,is it still possible,how ?

Pls answer soon,thank u ...

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 Average body temperature?
The average body temp. is 98.6 so if a persons body temp is usually at 96.1 then the thomater reads 98.6. does that person have a fever?
Additional Details
thanks im fine. Simply a ...

 What are the chances of getting HIV from a tattoo?

 I am 26 years old working in IT firm, i m having discomfort in my anus, i consulted the doctor,?
after diagnose doctor said its an external piles, so i can go for Laser surgery, i just wanna know will it be cured after surgery, r its an ongoing process, need some assistance please.


Does eating marmite help to prevent mosquito bites?
I have been told that eating marmite for three weeks before travelling abroad helps to prevent mosquito bites, I am a bit dubious but will try anything to stop being biten. Any other suggestions will also be appreciated

kev o
its something to do with acidity in your blood i remember reading that somewhere

i grew up on marmite...but i have NEVER heard of this!!!

however...i have heard that eating Garlic (and/onions) will help in repelling them.

then...if u do get bitten...make sure u have roll on deoderant handy...roll it on the bite...it will relieve the itching

Avon do a body spray called Skin So Soft, mozzies do not like the smell of the green one-soft and fresh i think-nice way to warn them off if you are female, but not if you are male!

Not heard that one. I've been told before that eating lot's of Garlic puts them off because the smell is secreted in your sweat. So you'll be bite free but you'll stink.
Citronella candles always work for me, but this of course can only be used while you're sleeping unless you want to carry one around in a lantern olde england stylee.

yeah,eating it makes your body give off a smell only mosqitos can smell, this repels them.
yeah it is true, i read it some where,

they just love some people i don't think you can do anything ,i was told to take yeast tablets for three weeks before i went on holiday once, like a fool i did ,i still got eaten alive and the yeast tablets repeated on me something rotten. good luck let us know if the marmite works, happy holidays.......

tim the tog
no, but wearing it might

cool me
i dont think so

Kezzi T
Marmite and other compounds containg B vits help. I raise working sheepdogs and because they're prone to ticks I put a dozen Brewer's Yeast tablets in their food. I have only once in 30 years had a dog with a tick.

I take Brewer's Yeast myself as I'm keen on a bit of the ol' fishing and have no worry from mozzies.

Some suggest that the consumption of Marmite can ward off mosquitos, the reasoning being that the skin gives off a scent, unnoticeable to humans, but which mosquitos find unappealing, or that the vitamin B content wards off the flying pests. British travellers to tropical locations sometimes take Marmite with them to eat during the trip, although it has been shown that the B vitamin complex does not repel mosquitoes.

The root of this belief might have been its use during the 1934-5 Malaria Epidemic in Sri Lanka:

"The two things given to each patient were a bottle of the standard Quinine mixture and Marmite rolled into the form of vederala’s pills. The latter was said to have been the idea of the late Dr. Mary Ratnam and to have been more effective than the Quinine itself, such was the degree of starvation among the peasantry. The Suriya Mal workers were amazed to see how this little Marmite revived them and put some life back into them".

—George Jan Lerski

Marmite is a British savoury spread made from yeast extract, a by-product of beer brewing. It is a sticky, dark brown paste with a distinctive, powerful taste that polarises consumer opinion and prompts its advertising slogan that you either "love it or hate it". It is similar to Australia's Vegemite and Switzerland's Cenovis, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

As the image on the front of every jar shows, a marmite is actually a "large covered earthenware or metal cooking pot," a word from French. Marmite was originally supplied in earthenware pots, but has long been sold in glass jars that approximate the shape of such pots.

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