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Does eating ice cream make your flu worse?
I wanna know if eating cold ice cream makes your flu symptoms worse or it dosent affect your flu, ive been wondering this for a while.

sure does because people get the flu because they are cold and ice cream makes the person colder.

No not that i know of, how would it?

Lynn M
Along with the mucus problem, I'd think that eating dairy while you had the flu might upset your stomach, you know curdle the milk?!

This is to: Dr.Robert Rice.

Viruses are not alive. That's why you can't kill them.

This is an "old doctors" tale. There is no evidence that ice cream or any other food makes flu worse or better. It does not make mucous worse or better.
However, having said that many, many, people believe that ice cream can turn colds into pneumonia. This is rooted in age of beliefs of "hot" and "cold" thoughts on disease that have existed since the time of the ancient greeks. People still believe one can "catch" a cold by going outside without warm clothes in the winter.
Flu is caused by several kinds of viruses. They are spread through the air and direct contact. Hand washing before eating is the best prevention. There is no medicince for most viruses although there are some new "anti influenza" medications that can used in the early stages.

Watch out , there are a lot of "snake oil" sales people out there.

Whenever you're running a temp...you should avoid dairy products. The fever cause the milk to sour and make you sicker

if you are having mucus issues with the flu, then it will make the mucus worse. But that was always something I was willing to deal with when I was sick in order to eat ice cream.

Deema B
Well i think that it does. when ever my brothers and sisters have a flu or cold, and eat icecream, they get even more sick. So maybe if u have a flu, you shouldnt eat cold icecream.

Deema Bakleh


when you are sick and you have congestion and or mucus in your chest you shouln't eat any dairy products

no,It might give you more flem if you have any.I dont think it going to make it worse,nut it is good to drink warm fluids it also helps with the cough.Get better

The Comeback of the Year
Actually, no. It'll make your sore throat worse, though...

Milk aggravates congestion, builds mucus. If it's a stomach flu, ice cream is still a bad idea. Stay away from all dairy and stick to tons of water and hot liquids, like broth and tea.

That all depends upon what you consider a "Flu" ? Lots of people just get to coughing and have lots of congesion in their lungs and nose, and consider that the "Flu" to me, its just a cold! And for "Cold's" in our family we go by that old wifes tale: "Feed a Cold" & "Starve a Fever"... if you've been vomiting, and having fever's I say, just drink clear fluids, and crackers.. Some 7-Up, too.. For just a cold, eat until your heart's content!!! Anything and everything, because it simply speeds up the whole sickness, process!! And even if you were vomiting and feverish, and now are strong enough to eat, and are hungry, then I say "Ice Cream" should be just fine, and most likely will even help you to feel much better, for eating it, you know... So, I say "Go For It!!" And enjoy!! Happy Eating, to you!! Smile!!! Hope you get to feeling better real soon, too!!

stick man
No, but I think the cream in ice cream lends itself to plegm (mucous) production. In my personal experience if I ate Ice cream or drank milk with a cold, I had more mucus afterward.

Get rest take vitamin C, and Zinc.

it doesn't. Flu is in your lungs & your nose, Ice cream falls into the stomach (unless you laugh while eating)

If you feel like eating ice cream, you don't have the flu. But, if you feel well enough to eat ice cream, save me some, chocolate of course. Hope u feel better.

Eating ice cream will not make your flu any worse, nor will it make it any better. Flu is a virus that must run its course and is not effected by any outside means. Ice cream may make some of your symptoms feel better or worse depending on the individual virus you have. Any dairy products (including ice cream) will cause phlegm to be thicker and may make you feel more congested if you already are. If you have a sore throat or fever, ice cream may make you temporarily feel a little better as you eat it. Once you've eaten it though, you'll probably feel the same as before you ate it. Since there is no cure for the flu, medicines work similar to the ice cream. They may temporarily make your symptoms less noticeable, but they won't actually make you any better.

Yes, and No. I cant even eat ice cream even when its hot, I get sick and sometimes If I don't want to go any place with any friends I eat a bit of ice cream and get sick for 2 or 3 days and where as my kids eat ice cream when ever, even when sick and show no difference. So I think its all on different body reaction.


What makes the flu worse is over-heating. People tend to think that they should turn the thermostat to 110 degrees and throw 4 layers of blankets on themselves, but this only encourages fever. Stay warm, keep out of windchill. Ice cream is OK, but if it's making you shiver, you've gotten too cold, and the flu just got worse. Keep temperate, not too hot or too cold. What you eat doesn't matter, so long as it doesn't make you sick (like 10 Snickers bars or something).

Melinda G
well any type of dairy products that you eat when you are sick is worse for your cold to be honest. by experience i know if i eat cheese or something when i am sick the flu will stay with you longer and in some cases may become worse!

It will not make it worse, but it may seem too. Eating dairy while sick might not settle well with your stomach if you are sick with an illness affecting your stomach.

yes it does, since all cold food can increase your cold symptoms, so you should try not to eat cold food when you're having flu. Try eating warm food like soup for example.

Hope you get better soon...^_^

tasks mom
the ice cream will give u more phlem

I should know this I get it too.
It may make you feel good, but all dairy products are bad when you have a flu or a very bad upper respirtory infection.
Stick with soup/broth, lots of fluid and bed rest!!! And take your medication if the doctor puts you on one!!!

Misty Eyes
It make it worse. Any dairy products when you have a sinus infection, cold, or flu will make your symptoms worse. You want to drink clear liquids.

Get better soon!

The think ice cream,might cause thick phlegm.

Dr. Robert Rice
the flu is caused by viruses

viruses need three things to live:

oxygen, sugar, and a hospitable environment.

Eating icecream helps them in two ways. Sugar, and hospitable environment.

When you're sick, you run a fever which kills the virus (hopefully; and it depends on the virus really). If you lower the temperature, they're gonna thank you. Also, if you douce them with sugar (from ice cream), they're going to party.

Try nice warm sugar-free Echinacea tea, some rest, a nice warm bath maybe. that kinda thing.

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