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Does alcohol help you when you are sick?
I am not talking about getting drunk or anything, but I heard somewhere that having a small amount of alcohol (like a shot of something strong) when you are sick will kill bacteria in your bloodstream. Is this at all possible?

Shawna C
I don't see why it wouldn't- it's alcohol they use it to clean out wounds

Someone said sometimes it's posible

This is an old husband's tale.

the beet
It's worked for me in the past. A couple of tequilas and I felt better the next day. I'm sure everyine is going to say NO, but that's just my experience.


The answer to your question is NO.
If it is true, then every doctor will prescribe a shot of alcohol to every patient at bed time.

Alcohol will not kill the bacteria in your bloodstream. More likely, the bacteria will love it - as it is virtually food (sugar-based). Also, the concentration of alcohol in the blood stream will be so small as it has been passed through the digestive process it won't do anything. There are more deadly agents in your bloodstream to deal with the bacteria.

People who say they drink a shot of something strong and feel better is probably because they had a good rest at night and the body had time to fight the sickness.

Another consideration is that not all sickness is caused by bacteria in the bloodstream.

I don't believe it will kill the bacteria (unless it's in your mouth) but it will make you sleep better after a few shots.

Ski owl
When dad had a cold he'd have a shot of good drink whiskey and go to bed. It really only helped him get to sleep like nyquel (spelling?). I do the same on occassion.

Bacteria Boy
When I first saw this question, I was a very definite no. However, I can see where you are coming from. In general, bacteria which cause disease in humans, are not very tolerant to alcohol, hence alcohol wipes.

However, in order to get the alcohol content of your blood high enough to have an effect (remebering you are diluting down into about 9pints of blood), you would be pretty hammerd.

It will noly help certain infections, and not colds/flu's.

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