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the devil wears hollister
Do you think going to the emergency room for strep throat is necessary?
The doctor is closed. I might have strep throat. Do you think going to the emergency room is necessary? My mom is taking me but I'm not sure... What would the doctors think?

♦♥You Make Me Scared♥♦
No going to the ER for strep is NOT nessesary it can wait till tomorrow! In the mean time dont drink dairy! just drink tea with lemon or hony or plain. dont talk alot and keep warm.
But get some rest and antibiotics!

Rhea B
Strep throat is highly contagious and if left untreated it can damage your heart and/ or become scarlet fever. My father yrs ago had an undiagnosed case of it ,that caused his heart to enlarge then later required surgery. I don't think an emergency room is necessary but definitely an urgent care clinic "today".

imapagan (Wiccan)
If you have a very high Fever then yes you should go but just get some rest dont talk alot and take antibiotics

If you have avery high fever yes it is

I'm not a doctor but I just found out that strep throat if left untreated can potentially be deadly. It all depends whether or not the bacteria enters the bloodstream. A colleague of mine lost her cousin over the holidays due to strep and I have a student that lost her leg due to strep bacteria getting in the blood.
So while it may not be an emergency, I would definitely go to a clinic and get antibiotics.

well, i'd wait till monday when the doc is in. but it won't hurt to start on some antibiotics early. you could get scarlet fever if strep throat isn't treated.

Yes go to the emergency room. Better safe then sorry.

NO just wait and make an appt.

I don't think it's necessary at all, as it is not an emergency. And ER visits are SO SO SO expensive. Over $1,300, and that doesn't include tests. And that is the amount we have to pay after insurance. It is terrible.
All they will do is swab your throat, do a strep test, and give you an Rx for antibiotics.

Most hospitals or communities have an "Insta-care", "Urgent Care Center", "Weekend Clinic", or "After Hours Care". I would highly suggest going there. As the co-pay is usually just the same as a regular doc office visit.

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