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thanks im fine. Simply a ...

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after diagnose doctor said its an external piles, so i can go for Laser surgery, i just wanna know will it be cured after surgery, r its an ongoing process, need some assistance please.


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 Please explain this too me :]?
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 Ear infection...?
My 4 year old came down with an ear ifection today.
Hes been on numerous antibiotics since October for sinus infections and prevention of skin infection for a recent chicken pox out break.

Do measles still exist?

Yes, and that's why children are still vaccinated against - check the MMR vaccine (Measles-mumps-Rubella)

Yes and thanks to new age parents who think that immunizatins are a gov't conspiracy several of the childhood illness are coming back. I'm all for free will and stuff but their decisions affect other children who come in contact with them.

Measles infections appear all over the world. Incidence of the disease in the United States is down to a record low and only 86 confirmed cases were reported in the year 2000. Of these, 62% were definitely linked to foreigners or international travel. Prior to the current effective immunization program, large-scale measles outbreaks occurred on a two to three year cycle, usually in the winter and spring. Smaller outbreaks occurred during the off-years. Babies up to about eight months of age are usually protected from contracting measles, due to antibodies they receive from their mothers in the uterus. Once someone has had measles, he or she can never get it again.
Surprisingly, new cases of measles began being reported in some countries—including Great Britain—in 2001 because of parents’ fears about vaccine safety. The combined vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) was claimed to cause autism or bowel disorders in some children. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) says there is no scientific merit to these claims. The United Nations expressed concern that unwarranted fear of the vaccine would begin spreading the disease in developing countries, and ultimately in developed countries as well. Parents in Britain began demanding the measles vaccine as a separate dose and scientists were exploring that option as an alternative to the combined MMR vaccine. Unfortunately, several children died during an outbreak of measles in Dublin because they had not received the vaccine. Child mortality due to measles is considered largely preventable, and making the MMR vaccine widely available in developing countries is part of WHO’s strategy to reduce child mortality by two-thirds by the year 2015.

Think so...

If they do DONT WORRY



Yup, sure do. My wife's daughter had them last year.

I believe they still do, but not even half of the population of the world has the measles. But you could ask your doctor.

yes, i work in a lab and we had a pt from another country in and they suspected the measles... I think since everyone is usually vaccinated against them, the virus just lays dormant....

Absolutely....We have vaccinations and cures for diseases. I don't know if you know it or not but in order to create a vaccination you must use the actual disease itself. We get these vaccinations at an early age in life when our immune system is the strongest. Our bodies take in the actual disease with the vaccination to become immune to getting it later on in life. If vaccinations are not done in a timely fashion or not done at all, can you imagine how many people who would be dying from the Mumps, Measles, etc.

Yes, it is still endemic to the United States but its rarer. But in other parts of the world it is still very prevalent.


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