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Can you get over the counter medicine for body crabs?

a razor, some gas, a match, and a fork...

You shave half of your body, rub the unshaven part down with gasoline...light it with the match, and you stab them little buggers when they come running out.

chemical bliss
in some partys of the counrty, uyeah

yeah. darn those body crabs. all those legs and stuff... yuck.

No, you have to go to your doctor to have him/her prescribe a cream.

Just about any drug store carries it - it's for body lice. If you can't find it on the shelf ask the pharmacist and don't be a shamed.

Yeah, I think so. Crabs are mostly the same as lice, but some lice medication you won't want to put on the, um, "delicate" areas in which you may have crabs..... It's a chemical (a pesticide, really) and it'll most likely burn!

Try NIX or order online (Lindane solution) May still be available..

I'm a nurse. I don't think so, you would need a prescription from a doctor. I would ask a pharmacist at your local drug store, I strongly doubt if there is anything OTC.

Wizard of Oz
Hang on while I find out the names of the meds you will need!

NOTE: You will ALSO need to sterilize just about everything in your house, as well!!
"Crabs" are a type of lice, and can live for over THREE days in your BEDDING, MATTRESS, CLOTHING, and OF COURSE, not to mention..YOUR BODY.

I'll be back with more info for you...I've had this before, and it's a B*T*H to get rid of!!!!

Yes.Just go talk to the pharmacist.

yeah go to a pharmacy

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