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 Ive got worms help me?
ive got threadworms and i cant tell my mum because it is really embarissing and i dont want to go see a doctor because i dont want them looking at my anus i look on the internet and i have got all ...

 Has anyone had the flu shot?
Has anyone had a flu shot? If so, have you had any side affects (i.e. getting sick from it)? I have been thinking about getting one but have heard that most people actually get sick for a few days ...

 My husband is 35, never had chicken pots could he get it now and is so could it kill him?

 Symptoms: What Is This?!?
ok, what do i have...all these symptoms came within the last 24 hours.
Fever (not too high...like 99.6)
Sore Throat
Stuffed Up Nose.
Please Let M...

 My son who is seven has a 103.8 fever is that dangerous and should I take him to the emergency room he has had
a fever for the past three days it has ranged between 101-102 today it has gone all the way to 103.8 and I am worried everybody has told me to wait for it is common in children to have fevers he is ...

 Can you caught AIDS from a mosiqito bite?

 How to cure a sore throat?
My throat hurts really bad, any ideas how to cure it? Salt water gargle and honey lemon tea and antibiotics never seem so work,so any directions on using them? other things may work,suggestions plz?...

 I have arranged to do an 8 mile run tomorrow morning at 7am. I have a chesty cough and flu-like symptoms.?
Will the run kill or cure? Answers from medical professionals appreciated but not required....

 I accidentally used an egg that was out of date by four days... do I have salmonella?
I wasn’t thinking at all and I made scrambled egg... I'm starting to feel a bit queasy... My GCSEs exams start tomorrow and I desperately hope that I don’t have salmonella!

Is it ...

 This years Flu Shot?
I got my Flu shot yesterday, and now I have these things going on:
â–şswelling at the injection site.
â–şredness at the injection site.
â–şpain at the injection site
â–şpain in my ...

 Can any Medical Professionalists help me?
I have been sick for 3 days in a row now with a stomach virus. I have had dirreah...i cant seem to keep anything in. I also have had headaches on and off and at night i get the chills...my mom says ...

 Can swelling in your face caused by sinus infections be dangerous?

 My son is 4 yrs. old and has never had chicken pocks and a Dr. told us he has shingles. Is this possible?

Additional Details
He had the vac. in 2005 and has not been around anyone with shingles. I am asking because Dr.'s are not perfect. They took 2 minutes and sent us home. He is ...

 Is it HIV spreading due to drunk / eat by us which are cooked by HIV Positive peoples ?

 Question about MRSA?
I'm watching my nephew while my sister is on vacation. His Dr. just called to say he tested positive for MRSA. Should I let his school know? I looked at the info on the CDC website, but it didn&#...

 Where did the AIDS virus get its start?
I've heard it was originally a disease found in monkeys, and was transferred to humans via "sickening behavior", if you get my drift.
Is this true?
If not, then what was the ...

 Can you reproduce brain cells that have been destroyed?

 Where will the bile be produced in the case of amputation of gall bladder with stones?
I m a medical student. n i had seen a operation in which a patient had gallstones n inflammation of gallbladder. n surgeon did amputatn of bladder. so i dont undrstand where will the bile produced ...

 Why do only blacks catch sickle cell? why are they more likely than other races to catch some diseases?aids?
just wondering why blacks are so vulnerable to sickle cell and other diseases....

 My brother is VERY sick please help NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My brother has high fevers of 103F-104F tempratures.
last night he started seeing things and it's not the flu or cold.
what is it!!!!!!!!!!...

amanda s
Can you get herpes from a swimming pool?

james t
i dont no if you can get herpes from a swimming pool. but if you or a friend has herpes, there is an actual solution to your problem. go to 4life.com a natural way to ride yourself of any form of stds excluding side effects.

absolutley not.

tony r
what kind of pool do you swim in ?
not in any pool I've been in

give it to me baby

It's hardly possible.

In a way-YES

True Blue
If it has the proper chlorine content, NO.

gareth a
yes if your infected ha ha lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe clorine kills the virus.
Also sun and light may kill this virus.

This virus likes a dark,moist,warm,environment.

Cheryl S
It's unlikely you would contract herpes from a swimming pool. Pools are typically disinfected with chlorine to kill off bacteria and other microbial organisms, as well as burn off bather wastes (oils, sloughed skin, etc.). There are a number of chemical parameters that are monitored in pools to ensure the pools are safe for swimming - the amount of chlorine found in the pool water is one such parameter. Research from a 1997 study shows that a level of 1.0 mg/L chlorine is sufficient to kill off the herpes simplex 1 virus within a half hour at a normal pH of approximately 7. This would be similar to conditions found in a pool. Pools are usually required to maintain a chlorine residual of 1 mg/L (public pools often have an even higher residual as an added margin of safety). So, it's unlikely that under normal pool conditions the herpes virus would survive long enough in the presence of chlorine to infect anyone.

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