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Can you get any disease from kissing?
Just wondering,
because my friend said she got mono once from kissing a boy,
but she got treated..
what are signs?
and whats the worst that can happen?

just mono, yeah

Yeah you can get mono from kissing, but that's about it


youre really tired all the time.
idk wat can happen.. its not that major.. its treatable.

John D
Yes, you can transfer almost any disease that way because you're exchanging bodily fluids (including Aids, Hepatitis, etc)

Spacey X
herpes. duh.

mono too, tho that's far less likely

Yes you can get mono, and other viruses, and things like that... I dunno about stds, but uh... You get really weak, and you can't do much... But it goes away after a few weeks. =) From personal experience anyway.

mono. umm maybe herpes. im not a doctor but mono is definely one. look up mono on google. ull find some sites talking about the symptoms and how to get it treated. but dont be afraid to kiss. u will never fall in love or anything if u become afraid of stupid microscopic germs and stuff. u can only get diseases from kissing if u kiss someone who is infected. but i promise u u cant get aids from kissing. its not very common so dont worry too much about it. good luck =)

I think mono is a type of strep but not sure. I know you can get hepatitis a b and c from kissing, and herpes.

Just google mono.

Yes sweetie yes!! Mono is referred to as the "Kissing Disease". Its not a good thing. Signs are horribly bad sore throat and puss pockets in the back of the throat. They usually go to the doctor thinking they just have a sore throat but the docs always test for it in teens. Also, you can catch a form of herpes through kissing. If they have "had their lips where they didnt belong" they can get them in their mouth and then once they kiss someone else, it can be spread. Signs of this are usually present 6 weeks to 6 months after being infected. Symptoms include: painful sores in the mouth which are similar to canker sores, but are contagious. They will get really big and leak in your mouth (which causes more to spread throughtout the mouth and throat) and they will eventually turn black and fall off. How gross right? Yea...A friend of mine has this....thats how I know. So sweetie....think clearly before you decide to be "active" in anyway with a guy. And please.....pick wisely.

Fluttering Leaves

The cold. The flu. Mono. Etc.

Mono symptoms include really sore throat that lasts a long time, headache and feeling very tired. It takes from a few weeks to months to get over mono. There is a test you do at the doctor's.

It is slightly dangerous in that it can cause your spleen to swell and if you don't know about it and do a lot of rough stuff (sports, etc) it can damage/rupture it which is VERY dangerous.

No, you can't. Unless you have an std in your mouth then yes.
Also, you could also get Mano or also known as the kissing disease. It's curable. The symptoms are that you have a strep throat and you loose your voice.

Sure you can, mono, herpes, hepatitis, hiv just to name a few. The worst that could happen, an incurable disease resulting ultimately in death.

Yes you can get a disease just from kissing..mono is one of them and one could contact HIV if there was a cut or sore on or around your mouth while kissing and exchanging bodily fluids. It would be a rare instance but you asked if it was possible. Flu, cold are other not so deadly viruses. The worst would be to contact the HIV...so be careful who you kiss.

sometimes you can but i dont now it doesnt happen very offen

☼Flower Power♥
Cooties...hello...don't forget to get your cootie shot!

EDIt: oOPS I thought I was in Polls & Surveys, this is a serious section...sorry

Ski owl
cold, flu, mono.....stds

yes- mono

The most common symptoms of mono are:

* Fever, which may range from 101 F to 104 F, and chills.
* Sore throat, often with white patches on the tonsils (which may look like strep throat).
* Swollen lymph nodes all over the body, especially the lymph nodes in the neck.
* Swollen tonsils.
* Headache or body aches.
* A lack of energy and fatigue.
* Loss of appetite.
* Pain in the upper left part of the abdomen, which may indicate that the spleen has become enlarged.

These symptoms usually get better within one or two months.

Mono can cause a rash if you take antibiotics such as penicillin, Ampicillin, or Amoxicillin. These antibiotics are often prescribed for other causes of sore throat, such as strep throat, and might be prescribed for you before the doctor knows you have mono. The rash is not an allergic reaction.3

Mono may cause your spleen to swell to 2 or 3 times its normal size. An enlarged spleen occurs in up to half of those with mono.4 A blow to the abdomen can cause an enlarged spleen to rupture. To reduce this risk, avoid heavy lifting and contact sports for 3 to 4 weeks after you become ill with mono or until your doctor says it is safe. In very rare cases, the spleen may rupture on its own.

Symptoms of mono can be more severe and last longer in people who have an impaired immune system or a rare genetic condition called X-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome.

The symptoms of infectious mononucleosis, such as a sore throat and fever, are found in many other conditions as well.

you can get mono

You can get herpes.


jane j
yes, you can get quite a few things.
mono being one of them, and mono can be serious in some cases, it is not to be taked lightly.
also, you can contract oral herpes, aka cold sores. this is pretty bad because it is a viral infection that you have for life and can never be cured, and you can pass it on to other people as well.
don't kiss people who are sick, have colds, have visible sores or bumps on their mouths, etc.

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