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Can you get an irritated sore throat from vomiting?
I have been sick with nausea from getting surgery a few days ago. I take some gravol and I am 24 weeks pregnant. The base of my tongue has HUGE bumps on it which are red and the back of my throat is red. I dont have a fever or sniffles but I find it very hard to swallow. Did vomiting do this or did I get strep throat or something?

yes, a sore throat but idk about the tongue thing. talk to your doctor about this, possibly a mild allergy to a medication

Vomiting can most definately cause this. When the stomach acid comes into the esophagus, throat, and mouth is will burn and irritate the tissues because it is so acidic. Drink plenty of cool fluids, this will help relieve the pain. Also can take Tylenol. Hope you feel better soon!

Yep! Your stomach is full of acid...your throat is full of soft tissue...you do the math. The acid is very irritating to your throat. Although, I would have to say, you'd have to throw up a whole hecka lot to have sores like that in your throat. I'd call or go to a Dr to be sure its not strep. Gargle with salt until then. If you're brave, gargle with 1/2 tsp cayanne pepper in warm water. It takes my sore throats away in like a day and a half. But make sure its strep before you do that!!!

Vomiting a whole lot would make your throat sore but the red bumps kinda sound like strep. I'd take a trip to the MD just to make sure you don't have that. He/she can perhaps let you know what to take that is ok for the baby.

cold Jello would feel good as well as being good to keep protein in you.

You most certainly can get an irritated throat from vomiting. Your stomach is a constant supply of acid which over time will irate anything. Seeing that you are expecting, you may want to contact your doctor to make sure you aren't coming down with anything. I can't tell you what to look for with strep, because knock on wood, I haven't had it.

A side note though, since you have been vomiting a lot, make sure you take care of your teeth also during this time. Brush or at the very least rinse your mouth out, as the acid will eat through your teeth, trust me I know :(

Seeing that your are pregnant my dear, I would really hate to advise you wrong, so I think it is best if you see a doctor. Good luck to you and I hope you feel better real soon.

Happy go Lucky:)
it can. If you start to see white large bumps that's strep. And you would be miserable with strep.

i could be from the vomiting b/c you are straining your throat when the vomit comes out and you are prob vomiting stomach bile which burns the throat lining

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