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Can you catch anything from dry blood ?
because i visited a dentist office and left after they placed a xray vest on me that had brown stains on it and after no one could explain if it it was blood or not i left if anyone works at a dentist office and could explain the stains
ps i asked the assistants & the actual dentist and got no answer

Daniel F
yes you can catch diseases from dried blood.

From what I understand... one possibility that you could be exposed to would be Hepatitus B. Have you been vaccinated against this. Any type of expsosure to ther illnesses from dreid blood would be unlikely. IMHO... I wouldn't worry about it. If you are that concerned, consult a doctor.

yes-hepatitis I am no expert but i believe it has to some how get in your system.

Made You Look
unless you actually licked the vest i think you'll be ok. but for sure that would not be my dentist anymore.

Rachel B
you did the right thing by leaving, nothing should have stains on it in a dentist's office, blood or not!

Drinda C
The Red Cross I believe states that blood should be always considered as contamination. Gloves should always be used ~ and there are certain dry chemicals that are put on wet blood, and then from there are swept up and disposed of in a sealed bag. Im sorry I dont know the answer...My guess would be that if it is completely dry ~ it is no longer contaminated ~ but should be cleaned thoroughly. Bleach etc ~ but this is only a guess ~

well you cant get anything from blood that has already hit the air all of the cells in it dies so dont worry about a thing with dry blood. its not going to hurt you

You don't know for a fact that the stains were blood. Even if they were, the likelihood of any disease transmission is extremely low.

blood that is dried, no, not likely. Anything that is carried in a blood borne fashion, requires a very controlled environment, when the blood dries, what it carries dies. However, the dentist and his office was very remiss in not keeping their equipment clean. I'd have left too.

once blood hits the air....the cells die...so its highly unlikely you will catch anything...

Polar Molar
Why do people think that just because it's dry it is harmless ???? NO!!! The H.I.V. virus can live on in dried blood !! Pathogens !!! Any area that has blood on it should be decontaminated bleach works well but any soap and water will do !! It is easy to kill outside the body it's when it gets inside there is not much at this time that can be done !!! Unless you had an open wound like a cut also known as a portal of entry I wouldn't worry about it !! Just because it touch you, you can't contract anything that way !!!

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