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root beer float
Can you catch any disease from a public washing machine?
Always been curious. Laundromats can be so dirty these days, you never really know what's there. Especially since you're washing and drying clothes with everyone elses who's used the machine before you. I wish I had my own washer and dryer but I live in an apartment and have no roon for one. Anyone know what types of infections or diseases (std, skin rash, etc) can be caught from a public washing/drying machine if any??

No diseases, but you might end up with a rash because of the harshness of the chemicals that you use to wash with.... and if you use chlorine bleach, you are risking future cancer.

Why not get a stacking washer and dryer to put in your closet? My brother has those in his apartment.

David M
Only if you are scr*wing on top of the machine.

NO you can not heat kills and you need to always wash in public in HOT water and dry the clothes on high heat

Joleen D
I saw a show years ago on TV that talked about that subject. They said you can get some viruses from washing your clothes with others. I was living in an apartment at the time and did not have my own washer.

I started using the detergents with bleach. I don't know if this helped or not. I really believe that the dryers are hot enough to prevent you from getting anything.

Anything that you don't put in the dryer I would hand wash at home.

I suppose you could get flu,bacteria, cold germs, virus,or other air transmitting disease, but you could catch that from just opening a door anywhere as for skin rashes and std's tht poses an interesting question. Maybe under certain conditions.for instance dirty bandages caked with body fluids or blood, washed without soap in cold water and left on top of a machine, and you come along and pick them up and move them for instance, who knows?? Especially if they're still wet and haven't been in the dryer???

I don't think diseases would be much of an issue, but a bacterial or fungus issue wouldn't be out of the question - mildew is common in washing machines if the clothes are left in a damp heap too long. This is easy to fix, though - just wash them again and make sure you dry them right away.

Just to be safe, make sure you wash your underwear on the hottest setting, to kill the most germs. Bleach accomplishes this, too, but hot water should kill anything that would cause your skin harm.

I don't claim to be an expert on washer-borne communicable sicknesses, but cancer from using bleach? I think not! As long as you're not drinking the bleach or pouring it on yourself, you'll be fine. The chlorine in bleach evaporates very quickly once the clothes are in the dryer.

You ask, I answer
no. if clothes are washed in hot water, and dried in a heated dryer, there is no way to catch anything from them. catching a cold from the person next to you, yes, that's possible.

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