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Can you catch a disease or an illness from a smell?

no. not possible

Not at all. Diseases or illnesses do not have smells. However, if you happen to breathing near someone else who happens to have a cold or flu, you may catch that. But you cannot smell that person's illness.

there are contagious diseases by smell and by contact.

Alexander Valent
I don't think so !

Yes because if you smell it, and it is airborn then you can become infected. Like a cold, or flu. If you smell it then you are taking it in by the nose.

jen t

What a great question. Uhhhh....

Arthur Francis P
bloody hell there would be a lot of people would be sick or dieing may be that wouldnt be a bad idea

yes, it if smell it in meaning you breath it in and depending on what kind it is

well ts not that easy , u gotta b a trained doctor. for example only gynecologists can find the cevical cancer by a rotten smell

if it has a bacteria or virus that is airborne in it

If it's airborne you will breath it in.

If the disease is air-bound yes you can!

dels replies
No A nauseous smell can make you feel queasy and ill but not actually ill... Might make you sick I suppose.. but that is a mental reaction to the smell , not a disease..

Lacey Lottie
There are some infections such as colds and flu that are air born ( The germs float around in the air)
so you breathe them in.

Victoria P
well, heres my theory. A bad smell could be a sign of bacteria forming on something. So, if you are handling anything smelly, make sure you wash your hands first.
Germs can be breathed in or consumed.......

check this site out!

that is one of the easiest places for a virus to infect. that is why you get a sore throat. the other place that is the most accessible for a virus or is the eye.

you can only catch a minor number of diseases through breathing them in, the only one you can are airborn type viruses/diseases. (certain for viruses, not sure about diseases)

diseases are more usually assosiated with the transmition of fluid, usually by blood, or from a insect bite, or animal bite. drinking infected water or food. or through cuts.

♥♥Meow Baby♥♥
Only if its air-borne like TB ( Tuberculosis )

I suspect it is the underlying reason for the smell that could be the problem.

sara s
no, but it will worsen the situation if u have Asma or migraine

Yes, of course.

if the scent you smell has a airborne virus that goes along with, it then you can...

Dr Frank
No, this goes back hundreds of years to the idea of ' humors' which was how it was believed diseases spread.

We now know they are due to bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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