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Can u catch Hep.C by drinking after someone who has it?
I have afamily member who has Hep. C she says she is just a carrier of it but her "body cured itself" I have 3 kids who love her to death and always want to drink after her, I am really scared that they might get it. I don't want to treat this person like a freak but my kids are MY LIFE and I don't want to do anything that would take their quality of life away. Please let me know anything that might help me. thanks a million!!!!

curiously strong
i have heard you can get it by drinking after someone who has it or using their utensils etc. go to webmd and check on the disease there...especially since you have children its a must to make sure they are safe. no one can heal themselves of hep c

Barb S
Yes. in passing saliva,and blood. Drink out of a different cup. Use different utensils, The family member who has it should take the responsibility to protect your kids by not letting the kids drink after her or eat of her plate, etc. Even if she doesn't have any symptoms, Hepititis C is very communicable and she should know better than to endanger your children with this behavior. Also if they have cuts and get her saliva or blood in a cut it could spread it. Her body is not going to cure itself. If in doubt, go to your health provider or clinic and get a blood test. Then you'll know. The clinic could also give you information about Hepititas C and how it can be passed from person to person or help you if you may have it.

it's highly unlikely; you need quite a bit of body fluid before it becomes virulent. Like HIV, however, it's theoretically possible.

i have a friend with hep c, i drink and smoke joints after him and have for 8 years and never caught it.

Strawberry Pony
First of all there is NO CURE for hepatitis C. You can get it from drinking after someone with active hepatitis, from eating food per pared by them, if they have not practice excellent hand washing techniques. You can get it from blood, both hepatitis B & C can be transferred via blood. Not trying to cause problems with you and your family member, but the word "Carrier", in health care, indicates that they spread the infection to others. A FACT!, as with anything when carried, that person is a carrier whatever. Hepetits C does have periods of remission as well as exacerbations. Gather information, explain diplomatically that you treasure your children and there health, as your sure she does also. Give her the "Rules of Hygeine", you expect her to follow. Regardless, drinking after people IS NOT A SANITARY, HEALTHY HABIT. Thanks for the opportunity of answering your question

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