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thanks to everyone!...

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I heard it has to do with sour blood O.o
Ah well lucky me =D...

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Can smoking cause pain in the lower right side of the stomach?
i have this pain in the lower right side of the stomach and i was wondering if it is from smoking or excessive drinking?i am a male so i dont think pregnancy works for me!

Yes probably. It can also cause you to DIE!!!


Smoking is bad....excessive use of alcohol (drinking) causes kidney and liver problems which could explain your onset of right sided pain. You need to go to a health care provider for treatment and diagnosis. I would also recommend that you modify your current lifestyle. Be sure to give a truthful history and description of symptoms. Wish you the best.

Southern Ontario Fella
only if you are eating the cigarettes

You should see a doc.

Lower right? Could be your appendix!

I wouldn't doubt it. Cigarettes make my throat hurt, sinuses worsen, and crap like that. A good way to find out is to quit and see if you still have the pains. Hehe its a win win

It's not the cigs, though the drinking could be causing it or even more likely the hangover cures. What is also possible is that you injured yourself while you were partying and don't remember it or that you pulled a muscle in the same fashion.

If the pain persists, is severe or you develop other symtoms see a doc ASAP. Could be internal bleeding, appendix, or other very serious issues.

Oh to one of the other answerers. Being obnoxious and an al retentive is far worse for your health than smoking. I'll live longer than you Pbbbt.

It is most likely gall stones. Go get a sonogram.

Tobacco use accounts for one-third of all cancers. Foremost among the cancers caused by tobacco is lung cancer - the number one cancer killer of both men and women. Cigarette smoking has been linked to about 90 percent of all lung cancer cases.

In addition to lung cancer, smoking also causes lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema, and it has been found to exacerbate asthma symptoms in adults and children. Smoking is also associated with cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, cervix, kidney, ureter, bladder, some leukemias, and possibly prostate. It can also worsen a cold or pneumonia.

It could be cancer...I think a doctor visit is in order...

Goza K
unfortunatly yes coz you know the smoke Nicotine is well known to raise the acid secretion in your stomach asides long term complications like cancers of your digestive tract and oral mucosa(I've seen answers that contain that information).So to make it simpler it can exacerbate a gastritis and hence the symptoms so go see a doc it all goes down to that.

Smoking can harm your body in lots of ways..but pain in the lower right side of your "stomach" is not one of the ways.
Pain in the lower right side of abdomen may be due to appendicitis, colitis, gastro enteritis (with more enteritis).
Upper right abdominal pain --> liver and gall bladder -- which you will pretty soon get if you binge drink...
The smoking is not going to give you pain yet..it will still destroy your body silently and spring on you later.

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