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 My boyfriend kisses and sometimes bites my lips too hard can AIDS be transmitted?
He's not having hiv.....i read somewhere that when one bites lips too hard aids get transmitted...is this true?
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He doesnt have hiv......now how can i tell him to ...

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 Do the doctor check for HIV when you are pregnant?
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 Ladies... what if a virus ?
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llol. didnt you see the film percy back in the seventies??...

 How do u know if u have AIDS???
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Can hiv be transmitted from sharing a cigarette or a drink?

no unless there's blood involved... you can't get it from kissing either... well you can it takes aprox 40 gallons of syliva.. so it's nto ahppening.

it cant..but it can occur went u and ure husband or wife make love together.

Marie S
NO! You can't get HIV, but please use your own cig and don't swap spit in your Sprite. Gadzooks! Do you WANT to get ill???? No you won't get AIDS, but you will get spread disgusting germs that can make you sick!


no only through fluid transfer like blood and things like that

if you have open cuts in your mout and they do to then it is possible

No, the HIV virus needs to be in blood (or something very similar, spit won't really do) at body temperature to survive, as soon as it dries out, or is exposed to air, it is destroyed.

no...unless you both have gaping open sores/wounds that are bloody on your lips

Absolutely not! I asked this same question from my Doctor and he said no. (He specializes in Hiv patients) There'd have to be an obsene amount of spit or blood, and you'd have to have an open sore. You can however get other things such as mono or hep c especially from sharing cigarettes, even kissing.That's why a lot of teens are getting this mono.


The chances of HIV being transmitted via saliva are astronomically slim. Make no mistake, this is fluid transfer.

No.check out site for all your hiv/aids questions.make use of your Johnsons.


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