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Can I die from my tooth infection?
Can I die from my tooth infection?

All 4 wisdom teeth of mine have cavities, are infected and causing great pain. They have been infected for the past few months I believe, but I just got my dental insurance. I am getting all 4 extracted tomorrow.

I was no prescribed anti-biotics. I was wondering, how do we know this infection didn't spread to my bloodstream, heart or brain yet? Can I die from this? Should I seek further treatment after the teeth are out tomorrow?

I am just worried because they have been infected for months without treatment.

Also once the teeth are out, how long will have to pass for me to know that I am totally ok from any infection??? How much time will have to pass?

Thanks so much,

I would imagine they took X-rays of the teeth? If so, they would be able to tell from the x-rays how serious it is. If they didn't give you antibiotics, they must not be concerned.

Desiree K
you can definetly die from a tooth infection my husband was having tooth pain for months and every time his appointment with the dentist came he would cancel it because at that time it was not bothering him until one day his rigt side of his face looked like the nutty proffessors the infection was traveling down to his throat to close off his air ways the doctor told him he was lucky to get there when he did

you will be fine if they thought there was that much infection the wouldn't do it

There are ointments out there that will kill the pain for like 30 seconds at a time and give you an incredible headache. I had this problem and was in a TON of pain. Seriously listen here, this is what I did. GET DRUNK! I'm no chemist or anything but when the alcohol touched my infected tooth it killed the pain completely. Trust me, go get a fifth or a 30pk of beer.

Any decent place would have prescribed anti-biotics before extracting the teeth if they are truly infected. Ask LOTS of questions tomorrow. But, rest assured, I doubt your brain is infected. Good luck and get well soon.

yes you can die if it goes to your blood stream..you will get very very sick becuase every organ in your body is being poisoned..trust me you will know it has spread..i had an infected tooth go into my blood stream and i had to be hospitalized and then had surgery to drain it.

Yes, you can. But do go to the dentist. He will know exactly what to do. Hope you feel better!!

If an infection goes untreated and enters your blood stream it could cause death in the rarest cases.

Watching in Westminster
I have good news and I have bad news. Let's get the bad out of the way. If your teeth are infected the dentist will not pull them if you haven't been on an antibiotic for a few days at least. When you go tomorrow he/she will more than likely give you some and reschedule another appointment to take them out. After you have the antibiotics in your system a few days you should be out of any danger. ( Oh and yes you can die from an infected tooth. It's rare but does happen. just like you said, in the blood stream.) The good news it that unlike so very many of us YOU have dental insurance. Congrats Adam. Good luck

More than likely, if the teeth are infected, the dentist will prescribe antibiotics for you to take. I am a bit surprised that you have not already started on these prior to your appointment.
Discuss your concerns with your doctor before they begin the procedure tomorrow.

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