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Best way to get a fever down?
I have the flu for the first time, and have had fever all week. I NEEEED to get back to school, I'm falling behind on work. Besides that, I feel awful. TODAY i had 103.2, 101.0, 102.4. What's the best way to get the fever down quicker?

Harley Q.

The best way to get a fever down is to rest. A little trick that works wonders is filling a large bowl with cold water and ice and then wetting washcloths and putting them on your forehead and cheeks, re-wetting the washcloths in the ice water every time they get warm. Remember to DRINK LOTS OF WATER after you have rested because a fever can quickly dehydrate the body.

Chicken soup!
Don't laugh. Drink lots of water.
Make hot chicken broth (sold in cubes at the store).
Have two Aspirin and go to bed with multi-layers of sheets on top of you, covering everywhere.
Next morning will feel much, much better, than those before.

Motrin is the best. And if that doesn't work, take a cool/room temp bath. Not cold! Cold bath will cause more problems. Put a cool washcloth on your forehead will help too.

Oh, and the reason the school wants the fever gone is because the when the fever is gone for good, the virus is no longer contagious.

A tepid bath for is great for helping your fever medicine do it's work. Drinking fluids is important too so as to avoid dehydration. Though I prefer to use gatorade since juices can make the diarrhea worse.

Tylenol (Acetominophen) taken as directed (650-1000 mg evry 6 hours, not to exceeed 4000 mg in a day), alternating with Ibuprofen as directed (400-600 mg every 6 hours not to exceed 2400 mg per day, max. Use these medicines one every 3 hours, alternating, so the same drug is taken only once every 6 hours. Example:
This will give you the best chance at lowering your fever.
by Flu, do you mean respiratory symptoms, like a cold with a fever and body aches...feel extremely run down? If so...make sure you defervesce(lose the fever) before you go back out...the influenza virus is spread through coughing, sneezing, etc...and no amount of school work is that important. Good Luck, hope you feel better.

drink drink drink!!! (juice/water)

Your #1 fan
Fever is the body's way of fighting infection. Granted, you don't want the fever too high. During the flu, it is wise to keep your fever at 101-102 no higher. I would suggest taking Tylenol before you go to sleep to make your rest more comfortable. Killing the symptoms and "feeling better" is not the same as ridding yourself of the flu.

tylenol will reduce a fever, but until you are well and the flu is gone, you should not return to school, or you risk giving it to everyone you come in contact with. You shouldn't fall behind in your work, surely someone can bring your homework to your home.

Take a Tylenol or Advil and drink a juice with lots of vitamin C. It works for me!

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