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At what temperature will hot water kill germs or bacteria?
the wife made me ask this one-lol--i know--what bacteria -what germ???-thanks in advance people!!

1,000 degrees Fahrenheit

depends on the ger your talking about

two bit
Pathogens start to die at about 165 degrees F.

pimp tez

It is 125 degrees. It may be more, however I may be getting that confused with food temps. Have a nice day!

Ă—Ă— M. Jordan Ă—Ă—
Depends on what bacteria or germs. 100 degrees mostly works.

Hot beverages like teas and infusions with herbs and fruit are very popular duringthe cold season. According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment some rules should be followed when preparing them: Herbal teas should always be made with water at a rolling boil. Furthermore, they should be allowed to infuse for at least fiveminutes. Only when the temperature is hot enough and water is boiled for longenough, is there any guarantee that germs present in rare cases in the herbal mix-tures will definitely be killed. In order to obtain specific ingredients and aromas, teas are infused with water at different temperatures. Herbal and fruit infusions, which strictly speaking must be considered as tea-like beverages, should always be prepared with boiling water on hygienic grounds. Furthermore, they should always be left to infuse for fiveminutes. Recommendations along these lines from the manufacturers are normally to be found on the pack-aging - and these instructions should always be followed. In some cases germs like bacteria, yeast or mould may be present in the products of plant origin. In isolatedcases they may be pathogenic bacteria like salmonella. Only adequate heating can kill germs of this kind with any degree of certainty. Consumers should, therefore, never prepare their tea with warm water. In par-ticularly unfortunate situations incorrectly prepared, germ-infected herbal teas can become a major healthrisk for small children and sick individuals. In principle, these recommendations apply to both tea leaves andtea bags. Infused tea should not be allowed to stand for several hours. Boiling water does effectively killgerms but spores can, however, withstand this process. These more resistant forms of germ can germinate in hot water.

165 deg.

Gumdrop Girl
In a restaurant, the hot water tap needs to be 120 degrees F in order to sanitize stuff.

*Ground meats need to be cooked to an internal temp of 165 F.
*Beef, veal and lamb need to be cooked to an internal temp of 145 F. (medium rare)
*Pork needs to be cooked to an internal temp of 160 F.
*Poultry needs to be cooked to an internal temp of 180 F.

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