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As an adult, at what temperature should one be concerned about enough to go to the hospital?

103 or 104 ,call the emergency room they have a nurse to help you

Anything over 102 that you can't get down with medicine, cold bath, or cold compresses you should go in...

Patrick D

umm 104 maybe


Anything over 106. But they will just give you Tylenol.

Temperatures that exceed 103

nobody goes to the hosipital with just a temperature unless it is accompanied by something else serious

When you cant walk and you feel you skin peeling off.

As an adult you should go if your temperture spikes to 102 this probably would mean your body is fighting an infection and would probably need anti-biotics to control the infection. The reasoning for the high fever is some kind of bacterial infection.

Normal temperature is 96-99. With fever comes the chance of dehydration. keeping hydrated is very very important. Unusual neck stiffness,headache with fever may point to meningitis and would warrant a visit to the ER, otherwise a doctor's appointment is more appropriate to take care of things like the flu, strep throat and other more minor illnesses. ER congestion endangers lives. It is difficult to help a man with a heart attack that is life threatening when the beds are full of sore throats and flu.I hope you or your loved one gets better soon. Tylenol every 4 hours as directed can be helpful in the meantime. Motrin is also beneficial. Aspirin for adults only.Both Aspirin and Motrin are better tolerated with food. ER's are too expensive. There are Doc in the Box places that don't require appointments.Use your good judgment and get well. Have a healthy year.

If you take Acetaminophen and the temperature does not go down to under 100 degrees in 2 hours, take some Ibuprophen 600 mg for an adult, if your fever does not go down after these to interventions you should go to the hospital
If you show up at the hospital for an emergency room visit, they are going to give you Tylenol or Ibuprophen and charge you about $800 bucks to give you that information.
Fever is not an emergency. Treat it and then call your doctor in the morning. Dont waste the valuable resources of the emergency room for something stupid. Emergency rooms are for people having heart attacs, strokes, car wrecks, gastrointestinal bleeding, and shot gun blast to the body,etc... not a fever.

anything over 101

I believe something like 105 and up, but I am not a medical expert, so my sources (my mom) could be wrong. I do know from experience that 104 is pretty insanely head-splitting, and even feels dangerous. You might want to examine the link I've posted below:

I know that children can run ahigher temp than adults Im not exactly sure but its about 100 101 call hospital

A fever is a warning of distress.
Remember everyone is different and certain factors vary from person to person. Anything 101- up, that is'nt broken, (temp drop) needs medical attention.

Infection is a primary cause of most fevers. As an adult, it's quite dangerous to hold a fever from 102-up. If your body temp jumps too quickly, you can have a feveral seizure.

Warning....Never try icing yourself down...this requires a constant body rub to keep you from shivering.
When you shiver, your temp will rise...as it is the body's survival mechanism of protection from freezing to death.

If you start "blacking out" and/or get dizzy with your fever...seek emergency medical.

Always drink clear fluids and dress comfortably.
Don't "sweat out" a fever.

Bacteria Boy
When I had a temperature of 105 F with the flu, my parents called the doctor out. So I would say 105 +, its time to go find yourself a Doctor.
I had a temp of 104 a few weeks ago, but going to the doctors would have been pointless.

War Eagle
A fever lasts longer than 48 to 72 hours in older children and adults.
Anyone has a fever over 105°F (40.5°C), unless it comes down readily with treatment and the person is comfortable.
There are other worrisome symptoms. For example, irritability, confusion, difficulty breathing, stiff neck, inability to move an arm or leg, or first-time seizure.
There are other symptoms that suggest an illness may need to be treated, such as a sore throat, earache, or cough.

Pass it on...
102 or higher.

If the temp has reached 102 that's time for IV fluids and a cooling blanket. You will not find these at home.

I am looking at most of these other answers and am shaking my head. FYI a high temp (102.0, 102.2, 102.4, 102.6, 102.8 or higher) is reason enough to go to a hospital. The reasons for the fever will become apparent on exam and/or labs.

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