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Lady H of Pompey
Would a hospital discharge you 24hrs after having a massive heart attack?
I have a 'friend' who constantly lies....he was taken into hospital with chest pains....and let out 24hrs later....he says he had a massive heart attack....i said surely you'd be kept in longer if that was the case, he says everything goes back to normal after something like that.....the pink dischage sheet also said 'Diagnosis/treatment.....indigestion(?)' written exactly like this....is my friend definately making this up....i only ask cause he's got children who he's repeated all this to that are really upset thinking their dads gona die.....thanks.

No way simple as that.

Tammy D
Instead of your friend being scorned perhaps he needs to be felt sorry for he obviously is a compulsive liar and an attention seeker, he really needs professional help, he has a mental problem not a heart attack problem, Im not saying that the man was not in any pain he could have a gaul stone and that has brought many a strong man to his knees crying and this also has been confused with heart attacks as the pain is quite high up. but please i think you should talk to your friend and ask him to stop telling his children these awful lies and to get help from somewhere some councilling should help him.

Shona S
Even for a minor heart attack they keep you in for longer than that so they can monitor your heart rhymn.

After what was diagnosed as a bad stress attack, I was kept in hospital for a week (7days) a massive heat attack would leave the recipient in no state to leave the hospital, it would take 24 hours to organise the tests let alone run them, when discharged it took 2 days to get the medication, from the pharmacy, no I think your Friend suffers from Munchhausen by Proxy

Im afriad he is lying. he would be in hospital for weeks if it was that serious. the fact that the diagnosis sheet states indigestion will back this up. chances are he had very bad indigestion this can sometimes seem like your having a heart attack.

kelly e
No way -

It takes a few days for tests and for them to figure out if you have blocked arteries and where or why you had a heart attack.

I went in October for on going chest pains five days later I was released (and yes you normally get kicked out).
However each day a new series of tests were ordered and doctor's do rounds - if they missed you they will see you the following day - most likely with a massive heart attack he would have needed help unblocking the artery(S). Some type of surgery - to bypass possibly.

He's lying and if his discharge sheet said indigestion that's all he had = why he is out.

The hospital will not discharge him 24 hrs after having a major heart attack because the hospital would have to do numerous tests after an event of that nature such as cardiac catherization and/or angioplasty as well as run other diagnostic tests and this can take a few days. Sounds to me like he's exaggerating.

should be in hospital for a while.

handyman Sam
Why not believe his discharge papers they say indigestion.

steve j
Only to an undertaker!

Mark H
Definately would not release him, your friend is lying. Sounds like a nasty man who would lie to his children like that. The heart never goes back to normal after a massive heart attack, adjustments need to be made to ones lifestyle and diet in order to survive.

Many of your folks responding are misinformed. Sometimes people actually are discharged within a day or two of a heart attack (standard of care at large university top-100 hospitals is usually two days if there are no complications, but very rarely it could be one--smaller hospitals would probably keep people longer), and only certain types of heart attacks require catheterizations or other procedures. "Massive" isn't a medically useful term. If the diagnosis was listed as indigestion, then that's what it was. I feel sorry for his kids. Is it possible to try to talk some sense into him? Many people presenting to the hospital for chest pain end up having something like GERD or musculoskeletal pain, and then feel embarrassed for making a big deal of nothing. Maybe reassuring your friend that this is normal and that he did the right thing by looking out for himself will encourage him to tell the truth?

He's lying. thats it. if he had a massice heart attack then he would be in coronay care for a few days to make sure he fullly recovers. He probably did just have indigetion and is to embaressed about it.

Sadly, your 'friend' is a liar. (Many people attempt to over-embellish stories of their illnesses.)

First of all, he wouldn't have been discharged home so soon had he had a heart attack. There are a number of tests, and possibly prescription of drugs that would need to have been carried out.

Secondly, I wonder if he realises the damage he's doing to his children. Come the time they're old enough to find things out for themselves, he'll be the loser in all this. They'll simply not believe, or take EVERYTHING he says with a pinch of salt.

if the discharge sheet said indigestion the he obviously didn't have a massive heart attack...People I know who have had even mild heart attacks have been in a few days.Someone needs to answer those kids questions and address their fears. that's abusive!

nina m
NO way would they - he would have spent a week on the cardiac unit having more investigations and tests also they would have discharged him on medication and arranged follow up appointments. Also they wouldnt let you out so quickly because your at high risk of having another heart attack which if the first one was massive the second one would probably kill him. If the discharge sheet says indigestion then it probably was indigestion. How cruel to his kids!!!!

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