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Why does my heart sometimes hurt when I breathe in ?
I often feel a weird sensation in my heart that gets worse when I breathe in. I told the doctor about it and he couldn't find anything from an EKG. He probably didn't find anything because I didn't feel the weird sensation while I was getting the EKG. Do you think my heart is actually what's giving me trouble or could it be my lungs? When I breathe in it often feels like a bubble in my chest that's about to burst. When I exhale, the sensation goes away.
Additional Details
It's not heartburn. I've had heartburn before and it doesn't feel anything like this. I don't feel a burning sensation. It's more of a shooting pain.

return to the doctor for answers to your questions and ask for a referral to a counselor. take yoga and relax. quit drinking caffeinated beverages.

well i have the same problem.
Ive been told its your ribs spreading out and it causes pain that feels like its coming from your heart. but I'm not sure.

Maybe you have really bad asthma?

OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T KNOW WHATs THE CAUSE OF THAT?? what are your problems people??? --- ALEXIV is right.. its just a HEART BURN... gasses just passed into ur HEART... it is because you haven't eaten your meal.. your stomach is empty.. alryt?? eat a lot. - lol

dude!!! its just a simple HEART BURN!! -- it happens when u missed ur lunch or ur dinner... some air gets in to ur heart and it hurts a lot.. but its not lethal. anyway, search further informations about it...

It could be lots of things... anxiety, gas, hernia, etc. I assume if you have been examined by a doctor, he listened to your breathing with a stethoscope (if not, then have him do that). That should rule out things like pleurisy, pneumonia, collapsed lung, etc.

By the way, your "heart" cannot "hurt" as it doesn't have pain receptors. When there is something wrong with your heart, you feel it in the surrounding tissues that DO have pain receptors - like your arms or shoulders or chest cavity.

Mutya P
Did you mention to your doctor about the bubbly thing in your chest? Maybe, you need to drink 10-15 glasses of lukewarm water everyday instead of drinking carbonated drinks. Also, if you can manage of absent yourself from work for a day, you can apply this.... Put a plastic at your back before going to bed. Be sure not to use electric fan. Remove the plastic after 2 hours. Then after 10-20 minutes, put another plastic on your back and remove it after 2 hours again.
The next day, that is IF YOU CAN MANAGE NOT TO GO TO WORK, DO NOT TAKE A BATH FOR A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Then try to breath if there's still that so-called wierd sensation in your heart. I hope this method will work. I have done this myself and it's effective. For it helps me feel mor relaxed.
Oh, by the way, do find time to put your back against the morning sunlight to help your lungs, at least, 5-10 minutes.
Take care and GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!

It's Christmas time! Allow me to extend my warmest season's greeting to you and your entire family. May the new born baby JESUS continue to bless you with good health, abundant love and prosperity!
Merry Christmas to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its not important
I have the same problem some times, its like a really bad cramp or stabbing pain on the left side under your rib cage, it is posible that its your gull bladder.

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