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Doing a high school essay on it. What are some reason u guys might think of

the ...

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 My boyfriend just got his paperwork back from the Dr.?
and I have questions about his cholesterol readings. His total cholesterol was 193, which is good. The triglycerides were 243, and the VLDL was 49. Both of those were high. . However his hdl was 54...

Why am I short of breath when I first lie down in bed every night? Does it suggest heart problems?

Additional Details
Looked it up and Samaletta is right - Student MD's suggestion of paroxysmel noctural dyspnea is about waking up at night. I have shortness of breath for only about 1 minute after lying down. I am 59 years old and gave up smoking 15 years ago. I also lose my breath when I go up 2 or 3 flights of stairs in a hurry usually carrying something and then I can feel my heart really pounding. My health is otherwise good. Thank you all

ben b

This symptom is known as paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea. It is a classic finding in people with congestive heart failure or lung problems. I highly recommend expert consultation. Some other signs of congestive heart failure include swelling in your feet and legs (especially when they've been idle for a while), shortness of breath, and other signs of poor circulation.

you need to visit your doc to find out, it could be anything

Not necessarily, but of course you would have a medical checkup.
- could also be fault of poor room ventilation (open the window b4 you go to bed)
- could be result of strenuous activities (getting undressed is strenuous for older ppl)
- could as well be just the result of sloppy breathing due to being fatigued and tired (then you would also be yawning a lot with a deep inhalation)

how many pillows do u sleep with at night? If u answer 2-3 or 4, and u sleep with that many pillows because u cannot breath when lying in a flat position, it could be that u have orthopnea(trouble breathing when lying flat) and it does indicate heart problems so go see your doctor..... and studentmd doesn't know what he is talking about because paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea occurs after SEVERAL hours of lying in a flat position, not immediatly.

not necessarily... how old are you?? do heart problems run in the family?? it sounds to me like anxiety. I get that way when i lay down sometimes to go to sleep... do you ever feel that way any other times??

I have a hole in my heart and my cardiologist said when I begin to become short of breath, it will be time to measure and plug the hole.

You could be just fine, but you need to have your heart checked out just in case.....Good luck!

look i think this is called : postural hypotention , means falling in your blood pressure when u suddenly wake up after being lied or sitting down suddenly a fter being stand up , symptoms are dizziness , shortened breath , strong blood flow after you breath rapidly ... it's normal ,but sometimes might not ... anyway , ask a professional ... it was just an advice . good luck & good health

please dont self-diagnose via the internet as we cannot help! this will only drive you completly insane and possable bring on anxiety and thats very hard to kick!

you should see your doctor and just take it easy... stress free.

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