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is a heart like this?

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Where does the blood go after it is pumped through the heart?

Jamie J
Vena cave -> heart -->lungs--> heart--> aorta --> arteries --> arterioles --> body parts --> cappillaries -->venules-->veins --> vena cava --> heart

I did not include like the chambers of the heart etc

It exits the heart and flows out through the ascending aorta, the aortic arch and down the descending aorta. From the different portions of the aorta it goes through various arteries and arterioles throughout the upper and lower body.

thru the rest of the body

from the right ventricle it goes to the lungs, then back to the left atrium and then to left ventricle. from there it goes to different parts of the body through aorta and its branches

BMW Nurse
Hello. Please see my answer to your other question which addresses the same subject. I hope I was of help!

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