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 Hey! I have a few questions concerning HEART ATTACKS?
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thank you!<...

gloria w
What will happen when you just stop taking medication for high blood pressure?
A friend of minds threw away all of his medication in June 2007 for high pressue and high cholestoral, because he said it made him tired. He says he feels much better without the medication.I am on medication also, but I still continue to take mines. I am afraid to stop taking mines.

Your friend's blood pressure will go high along with his cholesterol. Which puts him at a significant risk for a stroke. Bad news........They don't call high blood pressure the "silent killer" for nothing.

jd ma
DO NOT STOP TAKING BP MEDS WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR DOCTOR! My brother was on BP meds for a few years. He decided (on his own) to stop taking them because he had lost about 50 lbs. and thought he had it under control. He had a massive stroke and died on New Year's Eve. He was only 38.

He may be doing damage to his vessels and heart that he can't feel. It just depends on how elevated his BP was to begin with. It will probably catch up with him later.

Blood pressure meds will make you tired, most of them are beta-blockers (what I'm on), they slow down your heart i.e. cause you to feel tired. However, the very bad thing about high blood pressure is you could have it your whole life and not know it until you drop dead of a heart attack, which is what's going to happen to your friend. As far as the cholesterol meds, I refused mine. Cholesterol meds can cause liver damage, I see not point in killing one vital organ to save another.


I would suggest that instead of getting of them, just switch them. I know that they have horrible side effects. Have you thought of getting natural supplements for that. I know this company that carries them and believe me they don't have side effects. Please contact me for more information, you won't regret it. I'm just helping somebody else get them as well.

Bufford M
It really depends on the medication. If you stop a diuretic nothing will happen very quickly, though you may gradually resume being hypertensive. Other medications, however, such as beta blockers, can have quite dramatic effects if stopped abruptly. In people with coronary vessel disease as well as hypertension, abruptly stopping beta blockers, as well as some others can precipitate chest pain (angina) and more rarely actual heart damage (myocardial infarction).

Listen, if you don't like the side effects of your medication, talk to your doctor. There are SO many different medications available to treat hypertension, that you can almost always find medications that you can live with.

Don't just stop your medication. Be smart, take care of yourself and don't ignore your blood pressure

Remember, one of the biggest reasons that hypertension is so dangerous is that you don't really have symptoms until really bad things have started to happen. (Kidney failure, strokes, heart complications such as failure and heart attacks)

Call your doctor, and let him (or her) help you get on the medication you need.

Best of luck

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