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What types of things are performed when you see a cardiologist?
what does the doctor do, especially if you are just going to see if anything is wrong with your heart? (a first visit)

Probably the first thing would be a stress test, where you get on a treadmill after first being hooked up to several monitors to get a reading on what is happening during the test. The results of that will lead the doctor to diagnose any trouble and plan the next step. You did not say if you are having chest pains or anything like that.
Good luck

I had an EKG and also had to wear a heart monitor vest with patches hooked up to me. I go yearly for the test. Only in the upper 30's with a heart problem.

EKG's, chest x-ray's,and possibly blood work.

This depends a lot on what your primary doctor wants to see.

I filled out a long form on my health, listed all meds currently on and frequency of usage, my food plan, etc.

then had ECG/EKG and blood pressure check.

Next appointment was for ultrasound scanning.

My next appointment is for Stress testing on the treadmill.

My best advice if you are terrified as I was from being sent to Cardiologist, is to Chill Out!! Don't be scared. Cardios do not bite or poke and prod. They can set your mind at rest for anything your doctor didn't bother to tell you.

My guess would be an EKG and of course your blood pressure and maybe blood work. I would think that anything else would have to be scheduled. Good luck to you. Oh, you might get some information on www.clevelandclinic.org

People don't normally see a cardiologist. They're usually referred by their primary doctor, who upon finding something suspicious will ask for the cardiology consult. A first visit will probably entail a simple physical exam, a cardiogram, some blood work, and maybe an echocardiogram if the doctor suspects something.

Thinks like exercise treadmills, tilt table, stress tests, or catheterizations are all advanced procedures that won't be done on a first time office visit. So don't walk in thinking you're getting ready for bypass surgery. Its just a how do you do, here's my heart, whaddya think? kind of visit. If anything is suspicious, they'll schedule you for more tests later.


When I saw a cardiologist for the first time:

1. Echocardiogram. An ultrasound of my heart.
2. Holter Monitor. A device with electrodes on your chest. You wear it for 24 hours and it provides an EKG (a reading of your heartbeats).

If your general physician referred you to a cardiologist, he/she may have already done bloodwork that might include a basic metabolic panel (http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/basic-metabolic-panel-topic-overview) and a simple short EKG (electrocardiogram) (http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/electrocardiogram). This information will be sent to the cardiologist so he/she doesn't have to repeat those tests unless he/she chooses.

This website provides a good description of all the diagnostic testing a cardiologist might do: http://www.mercyunity.com/ahs/mercyunity.nsf/page/cardiac_testing

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