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 Blood presure?
I am a boy at 16 years. And have 98 in blod presure. and i dont know if its dangerus. or what it comes from.

i train a lot and is helthy. But im somethimes werry stressed or angry i feel ...

 Could my heart problems possibly be caused by sleep apnea?
Resting heart rate around 45...skips beats when I'm tired....

 Can I get social anxiety medicine my first visit to the doctors?
My social Worker referred me to an MD ( I think it’s an MD ) to give me social anxiety medicine. My anxiety is pretty bad and I have an appointment tommorow with one of them there. Do you think I ...

 Giving up smoking?
hi my son is trying to give up smoking and is using nicorette patches is there anyone out there who has used these?and did they find that their heart beat was very fast while wearing the patches?and ...

 Are these heart attack symptoms?
im afraid i may be having a heart attack. im 18. a year ago i was jogging a lot, and in really great shape, but have been "obese" my entire life. I became depressed and stopped working out, ...

 The name of the person who had the first heart transplant in the u.s.?

 What is a heart murmur can it hurt you?
my boy freind has a heart murmur and i want to know what it is and if it can hurt him....

 What's the TOP three risk factors for having a heart attack?
What's the TOP three risk factors for having a heart attack? I searched online and found many risk factors, but I need to know the TOP three.


 I been having pain in my left side close to my heart.?
It's almost a year that suddenly I have this pain, some days I don't have it, but usually when I go through stress situation it comes back, and sometimes very strong that I cannot move my ...

 Mitral Valve Prolapse?
I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse about 3 years ago. I was told that this is not life threatening. It occurs usually every day. I even have to alter my breathing to try and prevent it from ...

 My husband has a life threatning illness what should i do??????????
my husband has a life threatning illness what should i do???????????...

 What could make an ekg go from normal to abnormal in two weeks?
first one said anterior infarction and second one said something bout t waves any guess what this could be. week before all this happened had an echo and all was ok except i have mild mitral vavle ...

 Can high blood pressure cause swelling?

 Just recently my heart feels like it pumps funny every now & then???
about a month ago my heart felt like it took a big pump & made me feel funny inside & made me a little nervous. I had my cholesteral check & it was a little above normal but not bad. My ...

 Question about blood pressure?
My blood pressure was 132/72. Im a 30 year old male. What does this mean? Is it good, bad, or normal?...

 Can a pacemaker extend someone's life for a long long time?

 My heartrate goes way up while I am doing cardio, regardless of if I am breathing hard or tired. Any ideas??
I am 22 female, 5'5 and weigh 115. When I am on the cardio machine, my heart rate gets up to 180 and that is higher than any of the charts on the machine. I know its not normal but don't ...

 How do you react with criticisms?

 Dr performs surgery on a pt--pt dies a few weeks later not from procedure- how does dr get pd by the ins co?

 Why does my heart beat fast when I take caffeine?

Marlo S
What type of doctor specializes in dealing with High Blood Pressure?

I have HBP and I just go to my normal doctor and the ones in my family just see there Normal doctor

James C
Your own doctor, or who he/she refers you to.

usaually a family doctor takes care of it
however you could go to a heart doctor

olympics junkie
Your family doctor is capable of managing your blood pressure, unless the cause of the elevation is something that falls into another specialty..You could consult a cardiologist..

Maybe a cardioologist? But a primary care physician is well able to deal with it, as it is a very common problem.

Most family practioners and doctors trained in internal medicine can treat hypertension (high blood pressure). Hypertension is a ubiquitous disease and is a condition that most doctors are comfortable treating without requiring any additional specialized training.

There are cases, however, where an expert may be desired.

If you have really difficult to control hypertension, you may wish to see a hypertension expert. There is no formalized board or accrediting agency for hypertension experts, so you really have to find someone to make a referral for you. Often these guys/gals are either internal medicine docs with a special interest in hypertension or cardiologists who are also interested in treating hypertension. Also, they are usually found in academic centers where there may be a lot of research done in hypertension.

Finally, if your case of hypertension is due to a rare condition such as pheochromocytoma, adrenal tumors, renal artery stenosis, etc), you may wish to see a specialist in that respective field. ie endocrinologist for pheochromocytoma.

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