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Additional Details
Mine is still reading 163/100 after 6 weeks of taking beta blockers (40mg twice a day) now doubled the dose to 80mg twice a day.

95 to 100.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80. I don't think that changes as you get older.

120 over 80 is the average blood pressure of a person. I can't see why it would be any different if you're in your 50's.

'Defibdazz' and 'Dr Frank' are absolutely correct. Beta blockers are not the first choice for treating high blood pressure. Propranolol is an 'old' drug which can cause many adverse effects includind loss of exercise capacity, bad dreams, worsening of wheeze in asthmatics etc. Ask you GP to refer to the NICE guidelines!

If your BP is high, it's important to lessen the other risk factors that can contribute to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure etc. It's worth making sure you get plenty of exercise, avoid smoking and avoid any factors that could put you at risk of diabetes (ie preventing yourself from becoming overweight)

Depends on the shape she is in. Is she still active and slim or sedintary and over weight?
If she is in good shape and stays active 120 over 80 or even 75.
Everyone is different and it depends on how clogged those arteries are by now.
Weight is another factor. but some people can be slim and still have highblood pressure, that is a genetic thing.

abou treka
it change from one to onther

but some of the average is:
90/60 , 100/60 , 120/70

To high you may need medication go to doc now

momof3 Simon's bit of fluff!
i had mine done today it was 120/80 she said it was ok no problems.

Not sure what country you are from. But within the UK current NICE guidelines which GP's ideally should follow, do now NOT recommend beta-blockers as first line drugs for hypertension (high blood pressure). As it sounds like you are on Propanolol, which is also a very old type of beta-blocker, this will do very little to control your blood pressure.

You should go back to your GP and ask them to put you on to the recommended medications for hypertension such as Ace Inhibitors (Ramipril, Perindopril, Lisinopril, etc.) or Calcium antagonists (Amlodipine, Diltiazem, etc) Hopefully they should be able to change the tablets without much hassle. If they refuse to change them, then either quote the NICE guidelines or change GP!!!!

130/80 wold be ok!

Del Piero 10
Normal BP for anybody is around 120/80.

As long as it's below 140/90 you should be okay. If it is over you need to see your doctor. Also, if it's high until you see your doctor you should watch your sodium intake and drink lots of water and exercise to bring it down.

120/70 is a good range. 130/80 +/- is typical but once that 80 starts creeping up to the 90's or above time to get serious and see the doctor

Cowabunga Woman
Doctors opinioins vary. Usually they say the limit is 140/90, but many now are saying lower than this, like 130/80. An ideal pressure would be something around 120/60. You should consult your doctor if it is approaching 140/90. High blood pressure causes stroke, heart failure and other conditions, but if you get it treated you cut your risk immeasurably. There are excellent medications that can lower your blood pressure.

About 135/70 Is about the highest you want it to get.

Ask your Doctor.

Dr Frank
Normal BP is 120/80. Good target BP 125/85.
Beta blockers are now not routine 1st choice in current guidelines and though they are potent BP drugs do not seem to improve mortality ( death rate) or morbidity ( risk of heart attack or stroke) nearly as much as many other BP drugs. You don't mention the drug name, but the dose suggests propanolol or one of the older beta blockers. If I am right this is even more unusual because that type of beta blocker is quite old and no longer routinely given to new patients. I might be tempted to be cheeky and ask how old you doctor is.

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