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 What does a sudden increase of heart rate mean if you're 15?
i'm not overweight and i eat normally, so what can possibly cause this? it comes usually when i lie down and i'm about to go to sleep, and then my heart races out of nowhere, i try to relax ...

 Son given way better results!! Great news but a little confusing. How can 2 doctors get different results?
My 15 month old son has a heart murmur. ASD, with aortic stenosis and insufficiency and bicuspid aortic valve. We have been seeing a pediatric cardio. since birth, he said he had moderate stenosis ...

 Remedies for anxiety?
I am in a stressful situation right now and I need to find out what you can do to keep your heart from racing and flipping basically from having anxiety. I have Mitral Valve Prolapse so my adrenline ...

 What European country has the highest death rate from heart disease and among the highest levels of animal fat

 Which country is the best for heart disease treatment?

Additional Details
my friend told me russia and german are the best but i'm not sure about it.. so i want to make sure about it. Its really important.....

 Is it just me or does your heart have a sharp pain going through it, every so often. Sometimes i cant breath!?

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If a person survives cardiac arrest, what are the mental deficits that can be expected? Can a person regain 100% of brain function or is the brain irreparably damaged?...

 How can you stop horrible nightmares?
When I had open heart surgery (5 bypasses), they kept me heavily medicated for about a week. During that time I had horrible nightmares that were repetitive. This was a worse experience than having ...

 How long can a person take anti cholestrol drug atrovostatin?

 I am 14 did i have a heart attack.?
Ok i am 14 years old and about two nights ago i felt really sick and kind of light headed. After about 5 minutes i started getting sharp pains in my heart, i got numbness and tingling in my left arm ...

 Needing to know about plavix medication for my heart.The Doctor found a blockage?
The Doctor did a heartcath and found i have a blockage of 80% to 90%...He put me on Plavix and my aspirin..He wants to do an Echocardigram...Why..He's talking of a stent..Why am I on Plavix? He ...

 Can you survive a strike or a pierce through the heart?
No heart attacks. Thanks....

 Does anybody know how long you have to go to med school to become a pediatric cardiologist?
preferably in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. what type of classes are required in this field? any answers will be greatly appreciated!!
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how much do they make a year?...

 How to reduce blood cholesterol?

 When u get an echocardiogram and the tech doesn't say anything is that a good sign.?
I had a chest xray done last week and I was told that my heart was enlarged. Today I had an echocardigram done. The tech didn't say anything and he scheduled my doctors appt for 10 days away. ...

 Hi im 18 and i have been having these chest pains on my left side and i have been checked for heart problems?
my chest pains come out of the blue and start on my left breastbone and works its way to my armpit, about 15 minutes after i get really nauseated, has anyone been or has experienced something like ...

 What is a cure for enlarge heart?

 How to deal with Blood Pressure?

 My blood pressure has been a little high all week sould i be worried,its been 146/103 give or take a few num
my dr gave me a low dose of medication but its not ...

What is "thickening of the walls in your heart" mean?

Please see the webpage for more details on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

fed up
Fatty build up that obstructs or blocks the flow of blood.


The walls of your heart thicken because your heart is having to strain in order to do its job. The most common reason is untreated high blood pressure over an extended period of time.

See a cardiologist.

this is do to high fat LDL levels LDL- Low density lipo-proteins, its also known as atherosclerosis

Ms. Dazzle
It means too much plaque or another word for it would be too much fat is building that may cause a stroke or heart attack. Just go to the doctors and get a test done. Otherwise, research it by going to any medical website but ever in doubt get it checked. Your doctor will have all the answers.

Only a heart specialist can reallt tell you, by having tests done. High blood pressure for one can cause the problem as well as severe asthma. My sister and her daughter both have enlarged heart or a thickening of the muscle wall because the heart has to work harder to get the blood to the lungs as well as air to them also.

I'm not sure. Does the condition have a name?

Try an online search in Google or another search engine. Here's a site that might help, or at least might get you started... http://heart.healthcentersonline.com/cholesterol/?WT.srch=1

Good Luck!

If your doctor actually said that the walls of your heart were thickening,he is talking about heart enlargement,maybe to the point that the heart,a muscle,is having troubles opening and closing(also called pumping) and pushing blood through it's four chambers to circulate oxygen-enriched blood throughout the body. This is commonly referred to as heart failure.If your doctor said there was thickening in the arteries,this means that the major arteries are clogging up with fatty placque which also impedes the circulation of the blood throughout the body;it can also lead to a heart attack or stroke.Go to the website for The American Heart Association and the site mywebmd.com for more clarification.

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