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 What is the first aid for heart attack, in terms of medicine and other things.?

 If blood is blocked from reaching heart muscle resulting in chest pain ________.?
If blood is blocked from reaching heart muscle resulting in chest pain ________.

which one is the best answer thank you so much for the help

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 I'm 16 years old and think I have a serious heart problem!?
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 Pvc's and heart flops!?
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 How dangerous is bypass heart, open heart, surgery?
how dangerous is bypass heart, open heart, surgery? and what are the long term ramifications from it?...

What is normal for a boy of 16 months?
my son has a congenial heart defect. he is now 16 months old. well tonight while eating he passed out. or at least that's what it seemed like to me. first i shook him gently then i lightly tapped his cheeks and that woke him. then just a few minutes later i took him to change his diaper and he passed out or fell asleep again. i have woken him every hour just to be sure and when he stay up everything seems noraml now. do you think the i am over reacting or could this be a sign that his heart is giving him trouble?

also if anyone knows what the normal heart and pule rate is for a child of 16 months i would really appreciate it. I had it in paper work and it is missing now.

Lisa N
That is a sign of a heart problem if they sweat, pass out or get blue while eating.

Please take him to your nearest ER or at the very least call your pediatrician'soffice and have them page your doctor.

to be safe, I would take that child to urgent care or ER, asap!
You dont want to take any chances!
at the very least, call hospital and ask the ER nurse for advice.

carol anne
take him to the hospital right now...you can never over react with your baby! go now!!!

Go to the DOCTOR or the HOSPITAL,

Don't worry about the heart rate worry about him passing out. That means that there is not enough blood being pumped from the heart to his brain.


Randomly passing out is NOT normal for a 16 month old child (or really for anyone). It may or may not be related to his past heart problems, but either way it could be serious and I suggest you take him to the ER immediately.

crystal & benjamin

here is a great website

No you are not overreacting. The eating thing can probably be explained away. The body shunts the blood supply to the stomach when we eat to assist in digestion and with the defect it may cause the passing out. Ask your doctor about the pulse and tell him about the passing out asap.

Ms Pollyanna
This must be your first child, am a mother of three sons 24, 23, 16. It is normal for babies to fall a sleep while eating, playing, or even bathing that is why you must always I mean always pay attention to your child while they are very young. You do not have to wake him up when he falls asleep just put your cheek close to his nose to feel if he is breathing. Keep his crib beside your bed until he is 2 years of age that is what I did with all my boys.

sounds scary to me but i am an anxiety ridden parent and i freak out over everything....the normal heart rate for a small child is around 120..and an adults is around 75....good luck

I would take your child to the ER.... hes 16 months old and it could be nothing... but it could be something.... better to be safe then sorry with your lil guy

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