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 Can an EKG detect a heart problem, even if no symptoms are present at the time of testing?
I am 13 years old, and I was having some chest pains, so I went to a doctor. He checked it out and then sent me to get an EKG. I didn't have any pain while they were testing me, so could they ...

 Am I just weeks from a heart related disaster?
I woke up this morning with some kind of mild crushing pain in my upper chest wich went away within a half an hour however i checked my blood pressure at the machine at the grocery store and it ...

 Do I have low blood Pressure?

Well im 15 years old. I dance (ballet).

Sometimes when im just sitting down my heart rate goes a little fast. And i gasp for air alot.

When i went to the doc ...

 How do you reverse clogging of the arteries due to cholesterol?

 I have been having palpitation for a week after a tooth infection. Will Amoxicilin help to cure the problem?
I am on an exhausting business trip. A root canaled tooth began to ache about a week ago. After a day or two, the ache stopped but I started to have palpitation and feel tired all the time. I thought ...

 I need help with symptoms!?
I have been to my family physcian and an ENT doctor and they come up with something different everytime but it seems nothing ever helps! I've had septoplasty and it didn't help with these ...

 Need help with silent heart attacks.?
What is the procedure of removing a blood clot 3.2 cm * 1.44 cm in dimensions from the upper vertex of the left ventricle (LV) of the heart?...

 What is vsd?my 9 month old baby has a 5.3 perimembranous vsd with left 2 right shunt?will it close on its own?
she has double her birth weight.her growth is fine and no problems yet.the dr has prescribed medicines for her and told that no surgery is neederd at the moment.after having an echo the conclusion ...

 My cardiologist suggests I do one more test, the test involve injecting a substance to make my heart race im?
pretty scared to do this, but I have done all the others (not the catherization one yet, since its very risky) Im afriad of "making" my heart go fast.. what if it doesn't stop? Has ...

 What kind of food is good for decreasing cholesterol level in the body?

 Anyone know what pains that are similar to a heart attack might also be related to (chest, back, jaw pain)?
I have been having these pains for quite some time now (at least 6 months). The pain starts in my chest and shoots to my spine then up through my jaw and ear. I am 24 and a heart attack seems slim. ...

 What will happen if somone inject emply syringe in somone's vein?
i mean if somone inject air in somone's vein, what will happen, if air passes through the heart, is there any kind of serious effect will happen or man can just spend his/her normal life ?...

 Heart attack symptoms + no heart attack?
My sister has told me about two episodes of severe chest pain, accompanied by breathlessness, sweating and then vomiting. As a nurse I think this sounds like classical heart attack symptoms. However, ...

 Is my heart rate normal?
i'm a 22 year old female. i don't exercise much- i walk for maybe half an hour or less per day. my bmi is 22.

i went through a phase of having panic attacks- once where my heart ...

 Strange palpitation?
every once in a while my heart will just have one single STRONG beat out of nowhere and then go back to normal???

Also most of the time my palpitations seem to happen when my stomach is ...

 Heart Palpitations and Normal EKG?
I am a 27 year old female. I don't smoke, do drugs, or drink anything with caffeine. I've been having heart palpitations, sometimes several times an hour. I went to my doctor and she feels ...

 My heart hurts so bad PLEASE HELP ?
im 13 and about 2x a day i get this stabing pain in my heart i know ot sounds weird but it kinda feels like someone is stabing me in my heart like if im walking and it happens i drop everything and ...

 How risk is the open heart surgery for the elderly people?

 I am looking for an item; flax seeds by Bob's Red Mill on shelfs near baking ingrediants can u help?
used to replace omega 3and is god for heart problems ;good for not having to eat fish yet gives body what it needs; also is in seed form which need to be ground in a coffee grinder; as well as pill ...

 I had a small heart attack 2 years ago. I am 58 years old now. Which "soft" style martial arts can I learn?
I did not have open heart surgery or bypass surgery. I do have stent implants. I still have slight chest pain occasionally, but I am doing ok. My primary goal is for self defence because I will soon ...

What are the negative effects of taking a diuretic?
if you have to take it along with blood pressure medication to prevent water retention?

Valerie O
I will preface by saying, I am not a doctor. That said, the job of diuretics is to reduce fluid retention in order to keep your blood pressure under control. The negative effects would be losing too much fluid which is why you should only take them while under a doctor's care. If you lose too much fluid you can throw your electrolytes off balance. This could cause problems with your heart and brain which require these electrolytes (Potassium, sodium, and Calcium) to function. It could also cause dehydration. Another potential problem is an increse in blood sugar from using diuretics as well as bouts of Gout after prolonged use. It is important that you do not abuse these diuretics and take them exactly as they are prescribed.

Lots of trips to the loo. Long term risks are outweighed by affects of lowering blood pressure.

i take two diuretics, one spares the Potassium and the other takes it away. I also take Potassium and Magnesium supplements which are prescribed by my cardiologist as well as Calcium supplements. Also take blood pressure medication as well. Helps to watch your sodium intake. Too much sodium which will attract fluids which causes fluid retention esp in ankles and lower legs, a catch 22 problem

BoOkS & sHoEs!!!
You pee A LOT!

Mike G
Peeing all the time. Buy black pants.

hard on your kidneys

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