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Has anybody done the Atkins Diet and do you think it's bad for your heart? I tryed it once and did o.k on it but was concerned about health I did however felt great on it.I need to loose about 15...

Pulse Rate-resting for 52 year old female
Help please guys - what is normal, writing a letter for my aunty

do you do alot of cardio or strenous exercise? people who do can have lower heartrates........

"Normal" HR is 60 to 100 beats per minute

80 beats per minute is the normal.
the cut off for normal is under 60 or over 100.

normal heart rate is between 60-100 bpm

a normal pulse rate should be around about 60 a minute

i know its worked out by your body mass , height and age not just age
but help you any further sorry

m b
I am a paramedic and it varies from person to person. For your age a resting HR is normal between 50 (for active people) and 80. Anything outside those numbers while resting means there is a problem causing it; be it non exercise, cariac issues, medication issues, and/or hypertension.

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