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I have mitral valve regurgitation and prolapse with palpitations and possibly an unstable angina.
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I talked with my cardiologist, but he isn't really all that much ...

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Just got a letter in the mail from my Dr. that my Liver Enzymes are high and to start taking milk thistle. (The reason its so high is because I'm on a great deal of antibiotics). I see my Dr. ...

 Can too much pressure on the chest make one's heart stop?
How I was sitting for almost an hour last night put enough pressure on my chest to where I couldn't take a full breath. (I wanted to see if I'd be able to handle a corset. Guess not.) After ...

My heart rate is 48 beats per minute, is this normal?
I was looking on wikipedia and it says that that the average for females is between 60 and 90
Additional Details
And im not an athlete

That's very low even for a resting heart rate. You need to get this looked at right away, go to your doctor or to urgent care b/c this could be dangerous to your health and heart! Good luck!

glace neuf
hopefully you are an athlete, that is relatively low

Aydin Y
The first thing I would suggest is to check rate change during the day and between active and resting positions. The rate change is more important.
Second, maybe you are receiving medicament which are slowing down your pulse rate.

It is usually around 70,I would go to gp if I were you

Although that is the average, one must consider what average means. In this case average is the average person whom does not get enough exercise or eat right. Female professional athletes can have a heart rate of 35 beats/minute due to the level of aerobic activity that they do for training. So you are 'normal'.

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