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My dad has a blood pressure of 240/160.?
He went to the doctor today, but I am very worried about him. Does the doctor know what he's doing? (my dad is 46)

He should have gone to the ER with a pressure like that. The risk of heart attack, stroke, and cardiac arrhythmias is just too great.

Your question doesnt make sense - what did his doctor do? NO ONES BP should ever be that high - he needs to go to the ER - he is at risk for a stroke.

I'd be worried, too. That blood pressure is very high. The BP is not checked by the doctor, but by a medical assistant or nurse. However, no patient should leave a doctor's office with that kind of blood pressure without some kind of treatment plan and, hopefully, a prescription in hand. Did they verify that high of a reading in the office? Were they using the correct size cuff? (Is your dad normal size, or is he on the large or small size? See the previous answer regarding this)

A BP of 240/160 is dangerously high. It can raise the risk of heart attack or stroke. If your dad didn't get treatment at the doctor's office, he should get it soon and get his blood pressure rechecked soon.

granny turtle
TAKE him too Emerg room, this is too high and they can give him med to bring it down , ususlly wont have stay over night. He should of got a presqription. *mamatx

Razzi R
That number is very elevated. Very.

Tell him in a very calm and scientific manner that if he does nothing baout this he will have a stroke and it could delbilitate him- and please tell him to immediately go to the emergency room

Tell him the Cholesterol Theory is NONSENSE but blood pressure is not.

Having elavated blood prrssure POUNDS away at the vessels leading to coronary artery disease and more.

Please get to the ER

It is not a sure bet that the doctor knows what he is doing. Blood pressure testing is one of the very first things a med student learns. Now I'll grant you, the doctor should know what he's doing, but sometimes they don't. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure for 6 years straight. Then one day I had a registered nurse check my BP and she said it was normal. I asked her " how can that be?" She told me, she's been doing BP testing for 15 years and it wasn't even hard to hear.
After a little investigating with her, we found out that for six years, they had been testing my BP with an adult regular cuff and should have been using an adult large cuff. The doctor's response was that my arm didn't look that big. I checked this information on the American Heart Association's web site and sure enough, right there it says, If your arm is larger than 13.4 inches in circumference, you should be using an adult large cuff. My arm is over15 inches in circumference.

After checking my BP with an adult regular cuff and coming up with 195/165. The doctor checked it with an adult large cuff and came up with 128/80.

Now I'm not saying that is the same problem with your dad, but it is a possibility. I suggest you read the information at the American Heart Association's web site concerning BP

Seungyong W
240/160?? that is way too high. is he still living

Was this a one time pressure, or have his pressures been running high? He will probably be put on medication to lower his blood pressure and may even spend a night in the hospital. He will need blood work to find out whats causing the pressures to run high. Hopefully his doctor can get his pressures back down.

That's too high, make sure you encourage him to stay compliant with is hypertensive medications.

Realist 2006
The doctor will know what he is doing and will prescribe anti hypertension drugs . don't worry It is routine today !!!
Cheers Pete

that is high,but of course the doctor knows what he is doing

Dont increase your blood pressure by worrying too much. You will also transmit your worry to your dad which will raise his blood pressure further. Let the doctor take care of it.

The pressure which you mentioned is definitely quite high and needs urgent attention. Your father has to take treatment regularly and follow a healthy lifestyle to get the pressure under control and maintain it. Investigations are also needed to check for target organ dysfunction.

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