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Na N
My body temp. is 97.1 is that bad?
i get cold

Is that your normal temp? It could be nothing, or you could have an infection.

Cody B
thats a little low but not a your going to die temp.

Lela A
Some individuals have a normal body temp that is 97.1 to 97.8. I am one of those individuals, I too get cold. My one child is like me. You can always discuss this with your doctor, if this concerns you.

No, to be honest its normal. Some people have a low body tempature, It is genetic so if you have 97.1 temp in the middle of the day and feel fine and your parrents have the same tempature than you are probably fine. Just because avg body tempature is 98.6 doesn't mean all people have the same body temp. So take your parrents tempature. If you feel fine more times then not you are fine.

That's still in the normal range. Your body is fighting off a virus so the fact it's a wee bit elevated is not abnormal. Most doctors don't even consider a fever a fever until it hits 98.0.

If it goes higher than 98 that is when you usually will feel all the feverish accompaniments like the shakes, hot/cold and aches etc.

The fever is killing off the infection, so suppressing it with a Tylenol is ok but I wouldn't do it at 97...if it hit 98 yes, but a little fever isn't a bad thing. If it gets too high though, past 99 it could be very serious and you should try to cool the body down with wet cold compresses to the forehead and back of neck/face, etc. Too high a fever can do damage to the brain and that's why you need to be especially careful with children whose fevers can spike very rapidly.

I find it's usually very thin people who feel chilled all the time...I think a little body fat may help; but probably it's more what your consume, your circulation, and just your own body's metabollism.

Trying eating Brazil nuts or meats and products high in iron. If your blood tends to be on the low side, you will tend to feel chilled. Maybe your body temp rises a little to compensate for the lack of fat that may literally provide a little insulation, but a lot of other factors regarding your overall health, regardless of body fat, can play a role too.

I say this because I have a really active son who is bone thin and a moderately active one who is more meaty....the less active one is like a hot water bottle with the heat he generates, and I'm like that too...the other is ice cold all the time, skin and bones, will only eat certain things, and yet has energy like you wouldn't believe and rarely sits in one spot for long. His temp is rarely 96 and mostly about 97'ish too.

Teddy Bear
Just a little below normal, but nothing to really worry about. Everyone different.

It is normal for our body temperature to change throughout the day.

Bundle up and you should be fine.

No, not really. If it keeps dropping then it's bad. But the other day by temp. was 97.5 and I thought that something was wrong and my mother inlaw (she's been a nurse for 25 years) told me that if you go lower than 96.9 and it continues to drop then there is something serious going on.

Sallia Ereka
it's normal... dun worry

The average normal body temperature of a human is 98.6. However, not everyone has that temperature normally. My temperature is often on the lower side, ususally around 97.5. That's not necessarily a sign you are sick. What you need to evaluate is if you feel differently than normal. If you do, then maybe you are getting sick. It could just be that your body runs cooler than average.

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