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 Blood pressure problems Big time !!?
I couldn't sleep last night. So I got up and took my blood pressure.
My doctor want's me to record it at various times. I felt good.
Pressure 187/113. My wife thinks I woory ...

 Blood pressure?
im a 13 yr old girl with a blood pressure of 119/65
is this good?
what is average?
thx 4 ur ...

 If a rapid bolus of IV Phenytoin was given to a patient, what would be most likely occur?Choices are?
3rd degree HB
1st degree HB
2nd degree HB
Which of the above will ...

 I have read and heard people recommend some effective natural treatment of BP. Your opinion please?
I want a more sustainable natural way of dealing with blood pressure than using prescription drugs which tends to only suppress the symptoms. Surgery is very expensive and many people cannot afford. I...

 Urgent heart question?
when checking, my pulse, it seemed my heart would skip a beat every so often, like a few times per minute, i just couldn't feel my pulse for one beat then it went back to normal. someone said ...

 I have bicuspid valve prolapse should i see a cardiologist's?
your normal heart has three valves mine has ...

 Do you think she will lose her foot or leg?
My husbands mother had outpatient surgery done in May because of lack of blood flow to foot. They put a stint in to open the arteries. That procedure was good and she seemed to get immediate releif ...

 Does hawthorn berries really help lower blood pressure?

 What type of tests do they do for pre-op for heart surgery?

Additional Details
Approxamently how long will they all take?...

 Should I be concerned if my surgeon is not board certified?
he is going to implant a pacemaker in me within the next few days ..T...

 Diastole and systole relation to blood pressure?

 High cholesterol???
My doctor told me i had high cholesterol - but I don't understand. I am 23 years old, i run EVERYDAY, i eat healthier than anyone i know, i'm 5'9 and 125 lbs, and i just don't ...

 Is the heart-heart shape?
is a heart like this?

 Please list a 2gr sodium diet?

 Basic Cardiac event monitor / question?
If I got the monitor .. I would be getting it to simply catch a fast rate that has been unable to caught be EKG's in the dr's office.. once I catch the rate.. do I have to continue wear the ...

 Heart problems???
im not sure if this is heart related. for the past 2 yrs i been getting lightheaded and dizzy to the point where i feel like im gonna pass out or die. it goes on at some point of each day for like an ...

 Does high blood pressure tablets cause water retention??
ok so i have high bood pressure have been on these tabs for 5 months or so , just recently my ankles and calves are doublin in size n weigh so heavy its uncomfy i have to elevate my legs on apillow ...

My blood pressure is 125 / 69 is this high or low? can anyone please tell me?

Additional Details
im 18 years old... incase that makes a difference to the answer lol.

Normally, this is the perfect blood pressure. However, if you are usually under about 90 , then 125 is very high and you should see a doctor.

I think thats a good reading, that bottom number is almost low. But usually your blood pressure will be lower if you're just resting. At your age, you should not have to worry about your blood pressure.

120/80 is an average normal blood pressure

it is perfect

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