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My aunt's blood pressure is 160/80, is tht bad?
She went to the doctor today.

the bottom one is right on the top one is 20 over to when the
Dr starts to worry =get her to take several deep breaths until it comes down =good luck

Your aunt's blood pressure is just barely in the range where it creates a high risk of causing heart problems and stroke. The doctor will probably prescribe drugs to reduce the pressure and encourage your aunt to start exercising a little each day.

How old is your aunt as the systolic pressure (the higher number) tends to increase with age anyway, but 160 is on the high side. She may be prescribed some tablets that make her pee more, or she may be given some lifestyle advice as a first resort.
It is important to keep a check on it whatever course is prescribed.

Everyone's blood pressure is different. This may be normal for her. However, as far as guidelines show normal is usually 120/70.
Depending on age, weight, activity level, other disease conditions. You generally don't want to see the systolic (top number) above 150 or the diastolic number (bottom number) over 100.
These can be indicitive of other underlying issues. I'm glad she's going to the dr. This typically isn't a very scary high number though!

Andre W
Your aunt should definately be concerned. The ideal blood pressure is 120/80, although athletes sometimes see lower pressures that are normal for them. In reading the blood pressure the top number is the systolic pressure, and the bottom one is diastolic pressure. Systolic refers to the heart's ability to pump and diastolic refers to the heart's ability to fill. Your aunt is experiencing systolic hypertention which means that her heart is being overworked and increasing the blood pressure. Im sure she will just be put on something like a Beta Blocker to decrease the load on the heart.

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