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 Medical help PLEASE!?
My mother is 41 years old, and she is in good health, but she does have a past, heart murmor.

She is experiencing SUDDEN shartp tingly, pain in her left arm, and she feels pain hitting her ...

 My heart keeps skipping?
is this a palpatation? what should i do its ...

 Abnormal stress test --new doctor wants angiogram right away. Should we do non-invasive tests first?
No symptoms now; stress test 2 years ago was normal. Should we question going straight for angiogram which has more risks--shouldn't we try a less invasive test like MRI or CT scan first?...

 Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. Is this a serious condition?
I recently experienced some chest pains and consequently attended the A&E department of the local hospital. I under went a series of tests and was told everything was ok except I have a mild case ...

 Will you for sure die of heart disease?

 Hereditary heart problems, whats my chances?
My dad always had a dodgy heart and died at 57. This worried me as I believe heart trouble is hereditary. Im now 50, never had a problem and kept myself reasonably active. I had a check up soon after ...

 I have been extremely tired for the past 3 weeks, 48yrs of age, female.?
Blood pressure has been a little higher than normal, a few lightheaded spells, the middle of my back between shoulder blades aches. This is all new to me, any ideas?...

 Unusual Heart Condition?
OK. I have had for the past two nights an extremly weird heart condition...only before i go to bed for some reason or late at night...that my heart gets this weird pain...i mean sometimes it hurts ...

 Why Do I Get Startled So Easily? Please Help!?
It started weeks after I had my baby. All of a sudden I would almost have a heart attack just because there's a loud noise or some bad news.
It's been 2 years now and my symptoms seem ...

 Any post op gastric bypass patients with complications?
what are some of complications from gastric ...

 Tightness in hest or heart area?
I have a constant pain in my heart/area which feels heavy. I am perfectly fit but i am able to fully turn my right arm but i am almost unable to do it with my left. Answers will be greatly ...

 My heart seems to hurt?
I am a 17 yr. old boy and i have been having anxiety attacks lately. I keep thinking i am going to die but i tell my self im okay and i feel a little bit better. I am on medication. Today i had a ...

 Where can i get alot of information about the heart????? :( I NEED IT REALLY BAD!!?

 Does having a normal heart rate indicate that blood pressure is normal as well?

 How do we get heart disease?
I am doing a project in school about heart disease and i need to get answers on these questions: how do you get it? how do you prevent it?And how do you get rid of it?...

 How do you fell when your having a heart attack?

 Has anyone ever heard of someone surviving deep-vein thrombosis and/or pulmonary embolism?
Every time I hear about these two, it is because someone passed away suddenly. A newspaper reporter in Chicago was the second person I have heard of that died suddenly from a combination of the two ...

 How much schooling do you need to be a heart surgeon???

 Why, when suffering the onset of a heart attack, do people complain of pain in their arms?

 I have chest pain that comes and goes abruptly, and hurts when I inhale or exhale deeply...?
I am a 20-year-old female. I am healthy, not at all overweight, and get plenty of excercise. This has been going on for several years now, but whereas five years ago it only happened once a month or ...

Stacy N
My Cholesterol is 201, is that good or bad?

allan m
cholesterol hysteria is designed to sell drugs.Ignore it unless it is abnormal like over 300.Follow Razwell's suggestions!

Swm 39 4 Younger Swf Forever

Paleo Phil
It's not unusual, but the more important figures are the breakdown of the cholesterol (LDL and HDL) as well as some other health stats (triglycerides, C-reactive protein, fasting blood sugar), if they were checked.

LDL is called the "bad" cholesterol (but only the small-dense type of LDL is actually bad) and HDL is called the "good" cholesterol (higher is better). Low HDL, high triglycerides and high C-reactive protein levels have actually been more strongly linked to heart disease and other health problems than total LDL or total cholesterol.

Most lab test results have what are considered "normal" clinical ranges printed right on them, though "normal" ranges are not necessarily the same as "optimal" numbers. If you're interested in learning what the latest research says the optimal numbers are, check out the research reports at Loren Cordain, Ph.D.'s website www.thepaleodiet.com. (I am not affiliated with the site.)

It's borderline. Normally we like to see less than 200. Change your diet and lifestyle and see if you can bring it down.

thats good esp if your HDL is 45 or over

Your hdl/ldl ratio is more important

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