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Is there a test now to see exactly where a stent implant of 3 years ago is ?

Neurologic and Doppler sonographic examinations are used to find older stent implants.

Yes there is now a ultra sonic sound based image system is came and can tell you where the stent is exactly situated and not only that but this non invasive procedure can tell you the blockage of the artery nearly to the coronary angiography! In India it is available in Ahmadabad Always YouRsmE

A cardiac cath would do that, of course. A non-invasive way to do it would be a cardiac CT scan. It requires a special, high speed scanner, but it is non-invasive, meaning they won't have to put a catheter through your groin like for a cath.

Drinda C
Yes ~ they wouldnt want it to just disappear ~ someone has in your medical file where it was put ~

A fluroscopy will point out the general location of the stent in the heart, and with this, a heart specialist- cardiologist, or cardiac surgeon can predict which coronary vessel this stent is in.

The only way for us to determine the exact location of the stent- as to which vessel the stent was placed, is with a repeat coronary angiography.

A CAT scan or MRI should do the trick, although it may be that a simple chest Xray would do it.

Actually an MRI is not advisable if you have a stent. THose magnets are pretty powerful and could cause some major damage to you. I'm sure your doctor told you that. I'm wondering those kind of things myself since I just had 2 stents 6 months ago. My doctor thinks they are good forever but they don't know for sure because they haven't been around very long.

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