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 What are the cholesterol high and low percentages ie; less than 5% etc??
high and low ...

 My normal heart bit is around 130 bpm. is it normal?

 Has any one been diagnosed with Ventricular Tachycardia? If so what treatment did you follow with if any?

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 What is the highest your blood pressure has ever been?
And did anything bad happen?
Additional Details
I'm an RN...I know what can happen....I want to hear others' experiences. Sorry for not clarifying!...

 I take norvasc and I get low diastolic readings of 50 through 65is that too low?
I have white coat hypertension and take Norvasc for it and my systolic numbers are in the teens but my diastolci is in the low 50"s to 65 range it that too low?...

 What color is on most hospital walls?

 Does Warfarin effect a persons BAC?
would a person taking 15 mg of Warfarin a day have a higher Blood Alcohol Content if he takes a breath test during a DWI arrest?...

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 What causes a heart murmur? Is there something wrong with the heart?

 Can you get cancer in the part of your aorta that is closest to your heart?

 Does chewing tobaccoo cause strokes?

 Poll/// what makes your heart pitapat????

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 Congestive Heart failure?
My mom was dianosed with it yesterday and im very worried about her. Im only 17 and i would like her to be around for along time, she smokes ciggarttes, she doen't drink at all, and all she ...

 I had an angina at rest a few days ago. What am I supposed to do now?
This was my first attack. Do I need to see a doctor?...

 Is their finical help for people with congestive heart failure?
I am 32, with Dialated Cardiomypoathy/Congestive heart Failure. I work full time now and the stress of it makes my heart get worse...I am not making enough money (my husband is in the Marine Corp.). I...

 Which do you think is scarier?
A heart attack or a stroke? I personally think stroke I mean a heart attack is scary but it's mechanics and effects just don't seem as a stroke. I mean with a stroke your face can just hang ...

 If i'm overweight does that mean i won't get osteoporosis ?

Is it safe to go in a hot tub with an implanted pacemaker? Also the temperature is102. Should it be lower?

It certainly should be safe, i have an icd and many of health ailments and my doctor actually signed a presciption for me to be able to have my hot tub inside my apartment. I would only adjust the temp a little lower. The best thing to do, like many of the other folks that have answered this question is...talk it over with your doctor..it helped me.

Go for it, you have my permission

There will be no problems for the pacemaker, however without knowing in detail what condition(s) require you to have a pacemaker, we can't say for sure if it will be safe or not. This is a question for your doctor.

Sugar Pie
Why are you askign us strangers? Call your cardiologist and ask her!

nonono dont

my parents own Crystal Waters Spas Uk, i jsut spoke to my mum for you.

She says it's best to get your doctor's advice but normally its fine as long as the temperature's not too high...

We keep our hot tub at 36 Degrees celcius (97 farenhiet), so prob best you go in at 34 degrees celcius (94).

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