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 What does it feel like to have a heart attack??

Additional Details
Please, something more specific than just "chest pain"....

 Teen- High blood pressure?
My bp was 116/72 at walmart. I went to the doctor and it was 122/72 and I was nervous. Is this bad? I am a15 year old girl and weigh 197 lbs....

 What side is the heart on????????

Is it normal for my pulse rate to be 136 bpm?
m 25 yrs old female...and i was at the grocery store and decided to check my blood pressure. my blood pressure was normal but my pulse rate is out of control. that means my heart beats twice faster than a normal heart.

A normal pulse rate is 80 - 100 BPM. The pulse can go higher temporarily if you are suffering anxiety or fright or are exercising. High pulse rate can happen even with normal blood pressure. Certain medical conditions such as anemia can cause high pulse rates. If this persists and is reproducible, see your physician. If it goes on for a long time you can get enlargement of the heart, since it is working harder - this is not good. There are medications known as beta blockers to treat this condition.

the normal heart rate is 60 to 100 if you ativate yourself your heart rate will increase, this is probably why it increases you do active grocery shopping that means you move continuouslyy

not quite twice as fast but go to a doc

To start ...... what is Your normal heart rate? Everyones is diffrent. Check with your Doctor and talk with them and see if you need to me monitored for underlying problems that could cause a fast heart rate. Good Luck

Elf #3
No, that is not a normal resting rate. Of course, at the grocery store you not at rest, you are walking around and pushing a cart. Check the equipment, re-check your pulse manually (on your wrist or neck).

Check you pulse a couple of different times, always after sitting down for at least two minutes.
A normal resting pulse rate is around 72-80 BPM.

That heart rate is very fast. the normal heart rate is from 60 to 100 beats per minute. If your blood pressure is normal it should follow that your pulse rate should be normal but it is not. given the fact that you are in a grocery and you are up and about, both your blood pressure and heart rate should be up. I am just wondering if you have any heart rate irregularities. if not, have yourself go the doctor and ask him to do an ECG or EKG. This is to check if there is a problem with the rhythm of your heart.

We can;t just assume here that you have a heart problem because we need tests for us to be able to diagnose that. so, the best way is to have yourself tested.

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